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Christmas Cookies December, 1986 Written by Ruth O. Brown
My Grandpa and Me January, 1987 Written by Don Caudill
The Wolfpen Poems - Granny Frolic January, 1987 Written by James Still
Hope Is A Peach Tree Blooming February, 1987 Written by John Caldwell
The Snow Board February, 1987 Written by Ninevah J. Willis
Aunt Ruby's Quilts March, 1987 Written by Sylvia Rummel
Running The Corn April, 1987 Written by Marion J. Darracott
Arta Lockridge Nottingham Chappius - The Spirit Of Eternal Youth June, 1987 Written by Paula A. Kerns
Night Voices June, 1987 Written by Gertrude Davis
Death Notice July, 1987 Written by Gertrude Davis
Stuck In the Middle July, 1987 Written by Gary Fort
In Defense Of Cherished Things September, 1987 Written by Lucille Gripp Maharry
Mountain Born September, 1987 Written by Elph Mccoy
You Can't Go Back October, 1987 Written by Geneva Hall
Company For Breakfast November, 1987 Written by Pat Myren
Reminder November, 1987 Written by Denver E. Stull
The Quilter January, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
The Radio January, 1988 Written by Lee Ann Hodge
Old Dog April, 1988 Written by C. David Hay
Sunday Afternoons April, 1988 Written by Gayle G. Lin
Happiness Is When... May, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
My Mother's Domain May, 1988 Written by Lora Fleming
New River May, 1988 Written by Martin B. Keffer
Carolina Bluejay October, 1988 Written by Rod E. Nichols
Cora's Place October, 1988 Written by Robert Scott
Grandma's Quilt October, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
The Mountain House October, 1988 Written by Konnie Kabboord
Moving Down The Row November, 1988 Written by Diana J. Felts
The First Kiss November, 1988 Written by Gayle G. Lin
The Pomegranate Tree November, 1988 Written by Bill Shipman

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