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Heart of the Blue Ridge

My Grandson

By Roz Burger © 1986

Issue: September, 1986

As I sit and watch this little boy,
with wonderment and awe;
And see him learn to do the things
he couldn't do before,

I contemplate what he may be
someday when he is grown;
And how he'll use his craft and wit
to conquer the unknown.

At one year old he hesitates;
He falters, yet unsure.
His language although quite profuse,
is somewhat less than pure.

But some day, from that golden tongue
great eloquence will flow,
And there'll not be a single book
my grandson will not know.

With surgeon's hands, this tiny child
manipulates his toys;
And many famous jurists were,
at one time, little boys.

Although this child will surely be
a Titan among men,
I know I'll look at him and see
my baby once again.