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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Kiss Me Wind And Mountain Air

By Henry A. Klassen © 1986

Issue: November, 1986

Kiss me, wind and mountain air,
Blow upon my cheeks and hair,
Unpolluted, crisp and clean,
Scented with the evergreen;
From the freshets tumbling where
All the world is new and fair.

Oh! to be a mountaineer!
In the springtime of the year
When the wildflowers waft their scent
Up into the firmament
And the wind is heady, sweet,
Vibrantly alive, complete.

Kiss me, wind and mountain air,
Kiss me strongly, let me share
Your pure breath so freshly screened
And the fragrance you have gleaned
In the lofty, mystic heights
In the coolness of the nights.

Ok! To roam and live again
Like to a happy mountain man!
To embrace the mountain air
Without worry, without care
And to feel the spirit zing
With the songs the mountains sing!