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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Come Live With Me On A Mountain Top

By Minnie Hildebrand Reynolds © 1983
of Meadows of Dan, Virginia and Hickory, North Carolina

come live with me on a mountain topIllustration By Eunice McAlexander.

Come live with me on the mountain top,
Where surprises of nature never stop,
The air is so cool and pure and free,
The Sun stands still at hum of bee.
Clouds below dance ‘round and ‘round,
Bumping the mountain with not a sound.

Then comes fall in splendor beauty.
Each tree tries to do his duty.
Molasses making and cider mills,
In and out among the hills,
I love the valley and the sea,
But the mountain is the place for me.

The tourists come in flocks to look,
At craft shops or a winding brook.
The people gather in the shade
To hear the guitar music made.
Oh, on the mountain let me stay
And see the beauty day by day.

In winter won’t you come and see,
The snow on every house and tree.
The world lies still and all around,
Not one tourist can be found.
You read about it in a book
But won’t you come and take a look?