The Mountain Laurel
The Journal of Mountain Life

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from the
Heart of the Blue Ridge

Mr. Calfee

By Ray Sparks © 1983

“Scrambling through the bushes,
Walking ‘round the briars,
I came upon the graveyard,
Where old man Calfee lies,

And as I stood there thinking,
Beneath an old pine tree,
The voice of Mister Calfee,
Found its way to me………

So here’s the old man’s story,
The way his words unfold,
Of life up in the mountains,
Where winter winds blow cold….

I grew up in these ridges,
They call the Misty Blue,
And loved them with all passion,
As I’ll explain to you.

Growing up to manhood,
Much work, much fun, much toil,
I found my very lifeblood,
In lofty mountain soil.

Winter had its snowflakes,
Summer had its dew,
And Autumn had its splendor,
That breathed my life anew.

So in these lovely mountains,
Nature gave me birth,
And now back to my sleeping,
Beneath her cloak of earth.”