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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Just A Day

By Perdita Farson Musser Williams © 1990

Issue: August, 1990

I marvel at the years,
Which have come and gone.
I've plenty of time to relive them now,
At seventy-six and all alone.

My first one thousand years passed by
By the time I was ten.
The days were long and sunny,
That I shared with all my kin.

How could my first twenty years have held so much
Living and loving with so few tears?
Beauty and miracles in every touch,
Surely, it must have been two thousand years.

In childhood's happy days
Life often seems so long.
Really - it's only a little work, a little love,
A little rest and lots of song.

And then the years raced by so fast
They took my breath away.
Instead of two thousand years,
It seemed but just a day.