The Mountain Laurel
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from the
Heart of the Blue Ridge


By Tilitha Waicekauskas © 1991

Issue: April, 1991

Let me tell you of two sisters
That I knew so long ago.
One was known as sweet Lucinda
And the other plain old Flo.

Beautiful was sweet Lucinda
With her hair as black as night;
Flo was just a simple maiden
But her heart was always light.

Lucinda's heart was always selfish
And she loved no one at all,
But Flo's dear heart was always faithful
For she loved no one but Paul.

Through the years Lucinda's anger
Kept her lonely all the while
And she couldn't understand at all
Why Flo still had a smile.

They are old now and Lucinda
Is a hateful, selfish trial
To the ones who have to keep her
For she never wears a smile.

But Flo's a dear, sweet friend
To all the people that she sees
And everybody loves her
For she sets their hearts at ease.

And when you see them side by side
You'd really never know
That Lucinda once was beautiful
And plain was dear old Flo.