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Fathers Day Memories of Jim Rudolph

By Audrey Rudolph © 1991

Issue: June, 1991

Jim Rudolph was born in Roanoke, Virginia in 1927, but lived in Galax until he entered World War II at the age of 17. He went to school in Roanoke and then entered the Korean War. He died November 3, 1989.

The following poem was written by Mayme Silver (who was Audrey Rudolph's grandfather's aunt) in 1952 for Tom Epley in memory of Alma Epley. It was rewritten for Jim Rudolph. Mayme Silver died in the 1950s at the age of 90 plus. She wrote books of poems which were passed on to the family. She was handicapped all her life but made everyone else happy. Audrey Rudolph's grandmother "Alma" died in 1953.

The poem is a tribute to the memory of Jim Rudolph on Father's Day from Linda Dale, Jim, David, Dan, John, Terry, Granny Wilson, the Robert Rudolph's, Harvey Cornwell's, Bill Talley's, Jo and Audrey.

Memories Of Dad

We still miss you, darling Father
Though a year or more has passed and gone,
Precious memories keep returning
To glow and blossom on and on.

Memories of your patient suffering
When your voice we could not hear.
With a sunny smile you'd greet us
That would fill our hearts with cheer.

Now memories are all we have
To cherish and to hold,
Until we meet you over there,
And your face again behold.

Then we know that you will greet us
In that sweet voice we love so dear,
Calling Mom, and all your children
Tenderly around you there.

And may the circle be unbroken
When we answer to the call,
Where we'll all be reunited
Mother, Dad, and Children all.

Until then we'll comfort Mother
For we know she's lonely, too,
And we'll hold and prize these memories
Till we all come home to you.