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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Just Sittin' On The Porch

By Daniel R. Mabery © 1991

Issue: June, 1991

Give me a house beside the road,
A musing poet's plea
That suits just fine a house of mine,
On that we can agree.

He said no more about the house,
But traffic on the road
But I'd define a house of mine,
And not the highway's load.

My house will be beside the road,
I'll be a friend to man
When I outline a house of mine,
A porch completes the plan.

When the wind is hot and I seek a spot
Away from Sol's bright torch,
I'll have made there in the shade
Just sittin' on the porch.

Give me a house beside the road,
The musing poet said
But he'd decline a house of mine,
He loved the road instead.

I'll love my house and not the road,
My porch won't let me roam
With that design a house of mine,
Will keep me ever home.

But if denied my house's porch,
Off down the road I'd start
And sad, resign a house of mine,
A house without a heart.

When the sun is high and the weather's dry,
When flowers droop and scorch
A glass of tea ol' dog and me,
Just sittin' on the porch.