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Heart of the Blue Ridge

A Walk In The Fog

By Sophia Servis © 1991

Issue: July, 1991

Like an all-enveloping ghost
It wraps itself about me;
Sometimes thick, sometimes thin;
Blinding me of my destiny.

All the sounds it stifles
And encloses me in silence,
As if I were blind and deaf;
Swallowed by this thing so dense.

Then it begins to swirl about me
Like the tendrils of an octopus.
Radiant shafts of sunlight
Stream to earth in a nimbus.

With relief I'm on the other side,
Out of the engulfing shroud,
For there's nothing quite as eerie
As walking through a fallen cloud.

Editor's Note... Sophia says, "This poem was prompted by memories of summer holidays with an aunt and uncle in the Fancy Gap area of Carroll County, Virginia. There I have awakened to fog so thick I could not see the ground from my second story bedroom window."