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A Christmas Toast

By C. David Hay © 1991

An Excerpt from the book, "Wings of the Mind."

Issue: December, 1991

Let's tip a glass to Christmas Past
And times we held so dear,
For now's the time to reminisce
And sip a bit of cheer.

Dwell not on sorrow in our lives
But raise our spirits high,
Though cherished ones may go their way,
Their memories never die.

Give prayer for virtues that we have
Forget the ones we lack,
Keep our sights on future goals
And failure at our back.

Make a vow to treasured friends
To always keep in touch -
The things we take for granted
Are the ones that mean so much.

Live our lives as best we can
That peers may one day say:
We left the world a better place
Because we passed this way.

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