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Christmas Morning

By Hazel P. Hedrick © 1983

Issue: December, 1983

It’s Christmas morning once again
And snow is blowing in the wind

Outside my window I can see
some children very dear to me,

As they play there my mind goes back
to a tumble down log cabin shack

Where no bright lights or tinsel hung
But many popcorn strings were strung

Around a fresh cut holly tree.
It’s been some years but I still see

Those glowing embers on the hearth
And hear the Christmas morning mirth.

Our mother, early, wide awake
To Christmas morning biscuits bake

Her stove made hot by burning wood
Which made her cooking extra good.

In my mind’s eye I still recall
My daddy stumbling down the hall

Still half asleep, but he could smile,
“He topped all daddys by a mile.”

I hear my parents’ voices chime,
“Merry Christmas, Ma. It’s breakfast time.”

Those words were said with so much love
While angels hovered up above,

While Mom and Dad walked out the door
To do each early morning chore.

“You wash the dishes,” is what they said
Bring in some wood and make your bed.

Oh what a bore on Christmas Day
When morning chores interrupted play.

We washed the dishes and made the bed,
While cows were milked and chickens fed.

Then Mom and Dad would come back in
And Christmas fun would start again,

We’d race to sit on Daddy’s knee
Yell Mama come and read to me.

Daddy, how do you play this?
Oh for such Christmas morning bliss.

Our Dad would laugh as he knelt down
On hands and knees he’d crawl around,

Snort like a bull, kick like a mule,
Guess some would call it, act like a fool.

He’d tire at this before too long
Then we’d all sing a Christmas song.

Then Mom would call us in to eat
Her scrumptious noon day Christmas treat,

Fresh coconut cake, sweet potato pie,
fried country ham and old red eye.

We’d eat till we were over full.
For who cleaned up four straws we’d pull

Now dishes done, toys put away,
End of a perfect Christmas day.

Soon it was time to go to bed,
But not before our prayers were said,

Thank you dear God for this fine day,
For food and toys we put away.

Thank you for our great Mom and Dad,
Keep us next year from being bad,

That we may do this all again
God bless us all. Goodnight. Amen.