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from the
Heart of the Blue Ridge

A Place Remembered

By C. David Hay © 2014

An Excerpt from the book, "Wings of the Mind."

Online: November, 2014

On a peaceful Blue Ridge backroad in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, this old rented farm house was where The Mountain Laurel was born.In the shadows of our mind
Lives a place of long ago
That time will never change
Because we loved it so.

A country lane less travel worn,
The house all trimmed in white,
Twilight song of peepers
On a tranquil summer's night.

The flowers bloomed eternal
With a sky of endless blue;
It was a piece of heaven
Where all our dreams came true.

Visions of our loved ones,
They live and always will –
For no one ever dies in
The place that time stands still.

It was a special sanctum
From where we left to roam;
A hideaway of yesterday –
Our hearts still call it home

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