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The Wall

By C. David Hay © 2014

An Excerpt from the book, "Wings of the Mind."

Online: December, 2014

Vietnam-memorial-soldierA Marine at - The Wall - the Vietnam MemorialGranite as black as the smoke of war,
A name to touch and cry,
An epitaph of sacrifice,
And still the question — Why?

Homage paid in special ways:
A rose — a note — a sigh —
Frustration wrought with anger
That fate chose these to die.

They never asked for glory,
Just a grave of homeland sod.
They gave their lives for country,
Now they answer but to God.

Could tears but wash away the pain
And heal a nation's scar,
That men may find a better way
Than futile acts of war

Pray their death was not in vain —
A lesson to recall:
A future world without the need
Of names upon a Wall.

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