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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Wild Flower

By Elizabeth D. Soloman © 1986

Issue: February, 1986

Editor's Note.... The following poems are all about wildflowers and are taken from the book, "Seasons", by Elizabeth D. Soloman. If you like the poems, you might like to order the book. It will be available soon by writing to: Cypress Books, P.O. Box 192, Franklin, LA 70538. The price is $10.00 plus $1.50 postage and handling. The book contains 112 poems and 39 sketches by Scottsville, Virginia artist Ana Marie Liddell.

Why Morning Glory Climbs The Corn

Morning glory could not see
When first that she was born,
Opening blue-violet eye
Beneath the rustling corn.

"Come climb on me, shyest one,
And see where you were born...."
So she did, and still today
Climbs up the rustling corn.


Yellow ragwort Just can't match
Other petals in summer's patch;
Wind-blown even without a breeze...
Her only claim, a summer sneeze.


Someone took a scissors,
Clipped off all the green...
Left naked buds and flow'rs,
Trimmed the chick'ry clean.

Then that busy seamstress
Took a pinking shears...
Fringed the ends of petals
All around the ears.

And then for good measure
She prepared the dye...
Tinted each chicory
Shades to catch the eye.

Not lavender or blue
But somewhere between...
Left finished chicory
A designer's dream.