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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Nature's Paintbrush

By Deloris Selinsky © 1986

Issue: April, 1986

I often sit in wonder
As I view the scene outside,
When Nature takes up paint and brush
And wields it near and wide.

What a joy it is to watch
Nature decorate a tree.
She tickles a billion leaves
With a million shades of green.

She comes along with color
That will set a rose to blush.
Then makes her paintbrush mute
To give protection to a thrush.

She just goes wild in Autumn,
When she loses all control;
As she tints in glowing colors
Of red, orange and gold.

She dabs and sprinkles and sprays the earth,
Dazzling all in sight.
Then slowly she settles down,
And clothes all her world in white.

How I love to sit and stare
As Nature colors the day.
Or spend long moments watching
Evening go from red to gray.

What compares with what she does!
No artist meets this Master.
No show like what she can present,
Or produced any faster.