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Orange Peel - Old Fashioned Condiment and Black Walnut Pie

Submitted By Thad Wiseman © 1989

Issue: January, 1989

Prepare orange peel by cutting into sections and washing. Lay pieces in suitable container for drying. (I don't think sun hurts them.)

The wonder is that bitterness dries out of the peel leaving it sweet.

When fully dry, grind into powder. Our ancestors placed the peel into clean cloth and beat it with a hammer until it came about as fine as snuff.

This truly is an old fashioned condiment in cooking and lemon peel may be processed the same way. I think it's good in egg custard.

Another old-timey item is black walnut pie, made on the order of pecan. Many have forgotten about black walnut pie.

Editor's Note... Dried orange peel also makes a tasty addition to a glaze for coffee cake or cinnamon buns. Also try adding a pinch to your coffee before you perk it.

This was submitted by Thad Wiseman of Rt. 5, Box 292, Yadkinville, North Carolina 27055. He saves old varieties of seeds and would like to hear from others about buying, selling and exchanging seeds.