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Rhubarb Jam Correction

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1984-2012

Issue: November, 1984

Dear Readers,

Last month we printed a recipe for Rhubarb Jam. I made a mistake and left out a necessary ingredient - sugar. Here is the whole recipe this month:

Rhubarb Jam

8 cups diced rhubarb, small amount of water.
Simmer 8 minutes and add 8 cups of sugar.
Cook 15 minutes. Set off stove.
Add 3 small boxes of wild strawberry Jell-O.
Mix well, then pour into jars and seal.
Makes about six pints.

Other Jell-O flavors can be used if desired.

Knowing how sour rhubarb is all by itself, we apologize for any permanent puckers this mistake may have caused.