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Fried Cabbage

By Addie J. Wood © 1983

Issue: May, 1983

Recently, Miss Addie Wood shared her old time recipe for fried cabbage with us. We tried it and liked it better than any other way we have ever eaten cooked cabbage. We thought you might like to try it too.


Put some bacon grease in a frying pan. (If you have a cast iron one, use it.) Chop up cabbage like slaw and cook it in the pan with salt, sugar and pepper to your taste. Fry until it’s done as you like it. Stir it often because it tends to get a “little too brown” if you don’t. This last line was my own advice, not Miss Addie’s, but it does tend to cook more evenly if you stir it more often.

If you have any old recipes you would like to send us or if you would like to see a recipe column as a regular feature of the Mountain Laurel, let us know.

P.S. I bet the fried cabbage would be good with one of Lawrence Burton’s mother’s Fried Tomato Biscuits! See article “MRS. 'BERBEE' BURTON” for that recipe.