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The Mail Box - July, 1986

Issue: July, 1986

Dear Readers,
Because the move to our new location came at the time of month we usually are getting the papers out, it put us behind in mailing them to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but heartened too, to hear from so many concerned readers who were anxiously awaiting the June issue and wondering why it hadn't arrived on time.

We hope that all of you who expressed concern received your June issue and understand our difficulties this past month. We have done our best to see that this (July) issue arrives on time.

If you ever have any difficulties receiving your paper, please let us know and we will try to straighten it out. If you are changing addresses, please let us know so that we can update our records.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

The Mountain Laurel

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I haven't received my June edition. I miss it very much. Would you please send it? I enjoy it. I really enjoy it.


H.F. Belcher
Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
We went through your beautiful country and stayed at a motel in Meadows of Dan and got a free copy of your newspaper, so would like to subscribe to it and are sending check.


Mrs. D.W. Blood
Belchertown, Mass.

Dear Readers,
As I was looking over the letters we received this last month, it was getting late at night and the deadline for the July issue was the next morning. I was very tired, but received a "pick-me-up" when I opened one envelope. In it was a small handwritten note saying, and I quote:

"Thanks for a job well done!!"

Ginger Conner
Virginia Beach, Virginia"

Thank you Ginger, I appreciate it.
Susan Thigpen, Editor

To The Mountain Laurel,
I'm writing to see if my subscription has run out. I did not get a paper for June and I missed it. If It run out, let me know so I can renew it.

Thank you,

M.E. Foster
Bassett, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Enclosed find money order for one year renewal for The Mountain Laurel.

Thanking you for such a wonderful paper.

Mrs. E. Hartman
Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Friends at Mountain Laurel,
John and I enjoy your paper so much and take the tours you supply. We want these nice people in Tullahoma, Tennessee to enjoy it too, since they love the mountains.


E. Shumate
Ridgeway, Virginia
[Gift subscription enclosed.]

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As my wife (Carmel Clifton Longley) was born and raised in Galax and spent her summers in Mount Airy with her grandfather, Rev. Joseph H. Hall (Preacher Hall), your paper is very dear to her heart.

She is still near the Blue Ridge, because she looks out of our kitchen window over the sink and watches the cars on the Skyline Drive just south of Swift Run Gap.

Enclosed is my check for [Backroad] collection No. 1.

Thank you very much for your publication and co-operation.

Yours very truly,

H.V. Longly
Elkton, Virginia

Dear Editor,
It is with pleasure that we chose to renew our subscription to The Mountain Laurel. We enjoy receiving each edition and have given several gift subscriptions to our friends. All the was from Georgia to Florida, each gift subscription has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Thank you for giving us such interesting and nostalgic reading for such a small price.

May your magazine (paper) continue to prosper, as we enjoy keeping up with your continuing expansion.

Best Wishes,

Mr. & Mrs. M.D. Ridings
Clemmons, North Carolina

Howdy folks,
Enclosed is a check for another year for The Mountain Laurel. I enjoy the paper so much. I know that there are some of the kindest people up there in Virginia that I have ever met. And they believe in being good neighbors. My husband and I lived at Sylvatus, Virginia over a year. We saw a lot of the country and had the best neighbors that anyone could have.


S.M. Wright
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dear Editor,
I have enjoyed your paper through an uncle who shares his with me.

Enclosed is a check for one subscription for me and one for my sister.

Looking forward to reading more in the months to come.


G. Falls
Blue Ridge, Virginia

Dear Sirs:
I would appreciate receiving a copy of your publication.

Yours truly,

C. Milne
Ontario, Canada

Dear Publishers:
I and my family enjoy your paper so very much. So far to this date, we have not received your June issue.

Good luck with your paper, It's so nice to read about days and people mostly of the past.

Hope to hear soon,

G.C. Cooper
Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
We have misplaced our May 1986 issue of your paper. Will you please send us a copy, or the article about the Baptist minister going down to the depot to watch the train go by. We enjoy the paper so much. Enclosed is $1.00.


V.K. Bentley
Taylorsville, North Carolina

Dear Sirs,
I'm writing about The Mountain Laurel. Maybe I'm worried about nothing, but I have not got my paper this month. Last month I got it, I think, the 2nd of May. Maybe The Mountain Laurel as a usual thing doesn't go out until the middle of the month. If I'm just too anxious, just forget this letter. If I've been overlooked, please advise me.

Thank you,

S.S. Agee
Martinsville, Virginia