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The Mail Box - October, 1986

Issue: October, 1986

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Just wanted to let you know I enjoy the Mountain Laurel each issue. I look forward to the old receipts. We went on some of the Backroads on our vacation last year and plan to do the same next week. They are the best and most interesting routes. Keep up this interesting work for all your readers. Am also renewing my subscription at this time.

Thanking you,

Mrs. W.N. Bunford
Lynchburg, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I have enjoyed your paper as I thought I would. Since it is impossible to throw the Laurel away. I pass it on and on to others. Sorry to do you out of new subscriptions, but what can I do? I am indirectly responsible for at least one new subscription and the reading pleasure of quite a few others.

Who knows, we might even get to see you some time.

Yours truly;

Mrs. H.L. Camp
Riverdale Georgia

Dear Susan,
Thank you and the others for putting out such a wonderful paper each month. Although I have never lived in the mountains, I would surely love to. I can hardly wait for the Mountain Laurel to arrive at my house each month! I enjoy it so! Congratulations on your new home, hope to see it sometime. I am sending my renewal for a year. May God Bless.

Thank you very much,

H. Johnson
Asheboro, North Carolina

Dear Friends,
I was down in your area in July. My niece Amy Conner and Jim Hall, Jr. were married July 12 in a beautiful wedding in Stuart.

Please renew my subscription to The Mountain Laurel. We love it and love to visit the mountains and foothills of the Blue Ridge. Keep up your good work with the paper.

God bless!

H. Weikert
Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I really enjoy the Mountain Laurel, can't wait to read it every month. The weekend of August 9th, my two daughters and I went out for a mountain trip. They were talking about a church they had read about. I told them I had the write up and picture in my July, Mountain Laurel. We went to both Churches. We really enjoyed seeing them.

Sunday a.m. we went to Jefferson State Park. It was a beautiful ride and the view at overlooks just out of this world. We have so much beauty right here in N.C. and VA.

We took the Mountain Backroad Guide that was in July edition. It was so pretty all the way. I am sending check for collection # 2 of Laurel Library.

I. Bunn
Sims, North Carolina

Dear Mrs. Bunn,
Thank you for your nice letter and Collection # 2 order. We are sorry, but we have had about every problem that could occur happen while trying to get that issue ready. Things are looking good now though, and we should have your copy to you and all the many others who have ordered them very soon. Thank all of you for your kind patience and understanding.


Susan Thigpen, Editor