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The Mail Box - November, 1986

Issue: November, 1986

Dear Mrs. Thigpen,
I just received my September Issue of The Mountain Laurel, and, as usual, enjoyed every word of it.

I was born on Pine Creek in Floyd County! As a child I went to the Salem Church, which we knew as Head of The River, that's featured in "Backroads."

Enclosed is my check for $20.00 for "The Laurel Foundation."

Also, a check for $2.75 for a copy of The Laurel Library, Collection # II.

In your Backroads article you mention a book by Dr. Amos D. Wood entitled "Floyd County A History of its People and Places." I have heard of this book before but have been unable to get a copy. Could you furnish me with information on how I can obtain a copy?

I love your little publication and have every copy. Keep up the good work and

God bless you all.

Mrs. F. Augustson
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

Dear Editor,
I am sending in a subscription for my son's birthday, to The Mountain Laurel. He loves the Blue Ridge and comes up there when he comes home for a visit. If you have an extra September, 1986 issue,  please start his subscription with that. I'd like them to have the recipe for fried apples in that issue.  He was here recently and read one of your papers  and he bought one to take home with him.

He liked it so much, I planned then to send it to him for his birthday. (September, 15) This is the 7th one of my children I have had it sent to and all of them think it's great.

Thanks to all of you on The Mountain Laurel staff. You do so much for so many. I look forward each month for my copy.


W. H. Self
Martinsville, Va 24112

Dear Mountain Laurel,
My uncle came home recently for a visit. Though it's been 35 or more years since he lived here, he always enjoys coming back to the mountains and reminiscing with relatives.

On this visit, he discovered my grandmother's Mountain Laurel newspaper. He enjoyed them so much he took several issues home to Texas!

I'm sending him this subscription to The Mountain Laurel so he can "come home" once a month. It's the next best thing!


Angela M. Williams
Bassett, Va. 24055

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Last year was our 13th year of driving the Blue Ridge Parkway from Rockfish Gap, Va. to Asheville, NC. Enjoy your paper very much. Please let me know if eight dollars is enough for a subscription. Will send more it needed.


K. R. Humphries
Florence, SC 29501

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Enclosed please find my check to renew my subscription for 1 year. Having grown up on the mountain farm not many miles from the Parkway and Peaks of Otter and having spent my first year of school in a one-room with seven grades I thoroughly enjoy every issue of the Laurel.

My husband and I have taken two of your enjoyable Backroads tours. We were disappointed that we didn't get to tour the Reynolds Homestead. We were there on a recent Saturday afternoon about 2:30pm and the house was closed. We didn't see anyone except several other tourist.

Wishing you continuing success.


Mrs. L. Hatcher
Bedford, Va. 24523

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Please send us the following:
1 - A special Backroads Collection
32 page collection March, '83-Sept '84. $2.75
2 - Laurel Library Collection # II - $2.75
3 - Subscription - $8.00
Total enclosed - $13.50

We have enjoyed the August, 1986 issue very much. We purchased it while in the mountains. Many thanks for some enjoyable reading.

B. Sands
Reidsville, NC 27320

Dear Mountain Laurel,
My husband and I truly enjoy reading the "Mountain Laurel." My husband was born in Troutville, Va. and grew up around Floyd and later in Salem. We still visit relatives in Roanoke a couple of times a year.

We are interested in the "Backroads Tours" booklet you have published. I am enclosing a check for $2.75 for a booklet.

Keep up this interesting newspaper.


Mr. & Mrs. James Welcher, Jr.
Ormond Beach, FL 32074

Dear Friend,
I didn't cut out the form to subscribe to the paper because it was on the back of a story I want to keep.

Please enter my subscription, enclosed is a check for $8.00.

Thank you,

Mrs. D. L. Lanier
Wakefield, Va. 23888
This is a new subscription.

Dear Susan,
Please send me the special Backroads collection as advertised in the October, 1986 edition of Mountain Laurel. My husband and I are planning a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in about 1 week and we feel these Backroad tours might be very interesting. Please find enclosed a check for $2.75.

I enjoy reading your publication. I picked up my first copy in the Book and Card Shop here in Murphy, NC, enjoyed it thoroughly and subscribed. Keep up the good work!

Thank You,

S. Dalrymple
Murphy, NC 28906