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The Mail Box - March, 1987

Issue: March, 1987

Dear Susan,
As soon as I receive it [THE MOUNTAIN LAUREL], and read it I send it to my mother "Garnet Davis" who lives in Indiana and will be 84 on January 30th.

I have been to the Blue Ridge Mtn. three times and loved them each time. My sister and I brought Mother there several years ago and she still talks about the trip. My husband and I wanted to bring her to Meadows of Dan, Va. this past summer, but because of her health she couldn't make the trip.

She loves everything old fashioned, and lived in a log cabin surrounded by woods until my Father started losing his eyesight and they had to move to town. She misses the country and her long walks through the woods, but relives the past through your paper. She dreams of going on all the "Backroad Trips."

Thank you for giving her hours of pleasure and dreams.


C. Schraeder
Northville, Michigan

Dear Editor,
I certainly do enjoy your newspaper. My first knowledge of your paper was when an aunt in N.C. gave me several of her old newspapers to bring home and read. I was hooked. In December I sent in a subscription for myself and two for Christmas gifts. The receivers of the gifts said they have really enjoyed the papers. In fact, my aunt said she read the paper from cover to cover in one sitting.

I'm sure all who read your paper find in at least one story something that triggers their memory that makes them recall an event or something similar in their past that is being read, I know I do.

A big thank you to all who make the newspaper possible to send out to us readers to enjoy.


Mrs. M. Dillion
Salem, Va. 24153

I am a subscriber to THE MOUNTAIN LAUREL, and enjoy it each month. I love to read the old timey stories, as I often think of my childhood days. And to me, they were the "Good Ole Days." I'm in my 82 year now, or will be September 23, 1987. So you may understand why I like to read THE MOUNTAIN LAUREL. When my sister from New Jersey visited me last fall, she read a copy, and really liked it too. So I'm giving her a subscription, 1 year. We were both born and grew up here in Mechanicsburg, VA., Bland County with many precious memories.


F. McGuire

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I'm writing you in regard to receiving my copy of your paper for. As of this date I haven't received it. I have been getting it at my new address. I go down the hill to my mailbox everyday and no paper. So I drag back up the path with no mountain stories to read.

Please look into this matter as The Mountain Laurel always make my day.


Mrs. D. I. Hearl
Abingdon, Virginia

Dear Mrs. Hearl,
We're sorry that you have had problems getting your paper and hope all future issues arrive on time. If any of you have a problem getting your subscription please call us collect. Please let us know if your address changes too.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear T.M.L.,
"You all" may not have received my letter, in the dim past, apropos my enjoyment and appreciation of The Mountain Laurel, so I'll renew my subscription this morning with an enclosed check. I don't want to miss any issues, here's hoping I'm not to late for renewal.

May you never cease publication! The pictures, recipes, stories and ads (believe it or not) are the reason I chose this one publication out of the myriads of others being circulated today.

I thank Dollie Presley for telling me about The Mountain Laurel. I'll too, "sing its praises" to someone else. (She, Mrs. Presley, gave me a sample copy.) Thank you!

SincereLaurely yours,

M. Wampler
Vansant, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I haven't lived in my hometown of Pearisburg, Virginia in Giles County, for 37 years. During a visit to the Shenandoah Vineyards this week, I picked up a copy of "The Mountain Laurel", and oh, how it brought back the memories! My Dad was County Agricultural Agent of Giles County for 35 years (born in Scott County), so the Blue Ridge and New River are engraved in my being. I'm looking forward to reaping the Mountain Laurel seed!


N.S. Lennon
Alexandria, Virginia

Mrs. Thigpen,
The article by Wm. P. Swartz Jr. [January 1987 issue] is in error about Mary Moore, wife of Brown. I live within about ten miles of where she was captured in Abbs Valley. She was held captive in the Shawnee Indian town near the Ohio River. There is a monument near where they lived. Some of the family was murdered and others captured.

C.W. Dunford
North Tazewell, Virginia

Dear Ms. & Sirs,
I was raised in West Virginia and just now purchased a small tract of land adjoining Round Meadow hoping to build and move up soon. I really enjoy the paper. We save each issue. My cousin subscribed for me. It is also sold at K & S News Stand. We show and tell all our friends about it. You are doing wonderful with it. I am retired and my wife will retire in February.

Hoping to meet you soon,

T. Boggs
Clemmons, North Carolina