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The Mail Box - September, 1987

Issue: September, 1987

The Mountain Laurel,
I have been getting The Mountain Laurel since Dec. 1985. It was sent to me as a gift from my daughter in law who lives in Winston-Salem, NC. I am 79 years old.

I sure do enjoy it so much. It takes me back to my childhood. I grew up in the hills in Milan, Tennessee, Humphrey's Co. and lived about like the people did in the mountains in those days. Back then we raised what we ate and carried water for a long way from a spring, or well, walked or went in a wagon or buggy when we traveled. I will always remember the first automobile that came through our neighborhood. Some people came through from Nashville in a Model-T. It was sure exciting to everyone old and young alike. And the first plane that anyone around there ever saw flew over our community during the early part of World War I. That sure was something to see too, they were called Airships then.

I have been up in the mountains around Meadows of Dan, Va. and all along the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is beautiful. My oldest son lived in Winston-Salem, N.C. 30 years or more, he is buried in Floyd, Va. at Jacksonville Burial Grounds. He and his wife had a cabin close to Laurel Fork, Va. I have been up there a lot and I love those mountains and streams.

Thank You,

Mrs. N.A. Mallard
Milan, Tennessee

Dear Editor,
I live in Central, Virginia, near Lynchburg. I happened to be traveling near Mabry Mill Sunday, August second. My son picked up a piece of paper to wrap a flower slip in. It happened to be four pages of the July issue of The Mountain Laurel. I read it that night and I am really interested in your magazine, so I am sending a check for a one year subscription.

I am 84 years old and love to read. I am interested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I was raised on a farm and I enjoyed the article in the paper by Nancy Collins about her father.

Thank you,

A. S. Chism
Lynch Station, Virginia

Dear Ms. Thigpen,
I've just had the pleasure of reading your June issue of The Mountain Laurel. I enjoyed it very much and am sending for a years subscription.

An article about Mt. Music interests me very much. It was written by Philip T. Perdue about the Willett family.

My father, Francis Marion Willett, Jr., was the brother of Sam & John Willett. He wrote of a Bill playing the violin.

I know I shall enjoy each month reading your paper and am looking forward to receiving them. And maybe some happenings from Bent Mountain.

Thanks a lot,

M. C. Agee
Bent Mountain, Virginia

[Dear Editor,]
I have a picture of "THE JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY" Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati train. Size 9 x 15 inches.

There is no charge, just enough for having it copied. Anyone who wants one can send 50¢ per copy and a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Hazel R. Vaughan
411 Franklin Ave.
Pulaski, VA 24301

Dear Mrs. Thigpen,
I've been reading The Mountain Laurel for about a year now. I buy it at the Food Lion store.

I love everything about it. I would love to see some stories from Franklin Co. I like the old time recipes.

I am sending the paper to my brother in Florida.


P.M. Beand
Catawba, Virginia

Dear Editor,
We have been sending our Mountain Laurel to our brother and sister-in-law in Davis, California and they in turn give the paper to their neighbor. The neighbor is a grade school teacher and she uses a lot of the paper in her classroom as a reference.

We thought it was time they had their own subscription to the paper, so please find the enclosed subscription.

Thank you,

Mr. D. R. Leeper
Spencer, Virginia

Dear Editor,
I think your paper is the greatest, and since I have such a time trying to get it from the news stand, I would love to start getting it by mail.


B. L. Nestor
Gypsy, West Virginia