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The Mail Box – October, 1987

Issue: October, 1987

Dear Susan,
Your magazine is a treasure. It was sheer luck that we stopped in Wytheville and picked up a copy of The Mountain Laurel, and it meant so much to us because we were leaving the beautiful mountains of Virginia with great regret after a small family reunion at Hungry Mother.

Your paper helped us make the transition from the Virginia Highlands to the Florida tropics. Which, like jet lag, can be most disorienting.

In the car, we read stories to each other as we drove through the Carolina's, Georgia, and finally, Florida.

My husband, a Virginia native, added personal tidbits we read, making the whole thing seem as if it were a letter from home.

I particularly like the "Apple butter" story and "Ozark Dreams and Mountain Memories", but really, we loved it all. Thanks.

Enclosed is a check for two subscriptions and for one BACKROADS TOURS and Mountain Memories. I guess that shows how much we think of you.

I first fell in love with Virginia 20 years ago when I drove through it on the way from my home, Memphis, Tennessee, to Washington, DC. It was love at first sight, and I figured it was my great, great, great, etc. Cooper blood of North Carolina coming to the forefront - a mountain man, I'm sure.

Now my daughter has had her first real crack at Virginia. Of course, she never had a chance with mountain blood on both sides!

She heard about that ole swamp fox Francis Marion. Visited Abingdon during the Highlands Festival, went to the ole Barter Theater, climbed the "hills" of her dad's home town, Marion, and marveled that he could deliver papers over such a demanding route before school.

She saw the Goodman Family Plot in Laurel Springs, drove through Sugar Grove and heard about Shootin' Creek when it lived up to its name.

She sat in a rocker on our cousin's front porch while this cousin or that spun tall tales as actual, real fire flies blinked on and off all around her.

She heard about life way back when (when butter was kept in the spring house) and during World War I and the influenza epidemic, during World War II (her dad flew P-38's in that one) during the depression and up until today.

It literally changed her view of her world, which is quite a feat for a "fully-grown" 18 year old.

Someday, perhaps, we should cross the mountains like great grandfather Goodman and settle in Virginia.

Until then, we'll keep in touch through you.

Sue & Al York
Debray, Florida

Dear Susan,
Hope you try this recipe as it's a meal in its self with good pinto beans and buttermilk on the side.


1 box Corn Bread mix instant
1 box of broccoli - chopped
1 onion - chopped
1 green pepper - cut fine
1 package of sharp cheese grated or use cottage cheese
4 eggs
1 stick of margarine or butter

Mix as you would regular corn bread. Put in iron skillet and bake at 350 °.
I hope you like this recipe.

J. Gest & P. Janette
Hillsville, Virginia

I work at Ray's Starlight Restaurant in Mt. Airy and I have been buying The Mountain Laurel even before we started selling it in the restaurant. Obviously I love it.

I moved here from Cheyenne, Wyoming and am very interested in this country and the stories in The Mountain Laurel just enhance our interest in the beautiful country.

My 83 year young Aunt moved here to live with me from Wyoming and we enjoy your BACKROADS TOURS, however I learned early Never Go Up There Without A Full Tank Of Gas. I also wonder how you found some of those roads.

I just wanted the fine folks up there to know how much we enjoy and appreciate your fine little Monthly Journal Of Mountain Life.

I encourage guests to the restaurant to buy the paper knowing they will love it!

G. Lorenz
Mount Airy, North Carolina

Dear Editor,
I want you to know how much I enjoy reading all the stories, and also the BACKROADS. They take me back to happy days when I was a kid and lived near the Floyd County Courthouse. We get up there often, as I have a brother living at Meadows of Dan.

Keep up the good work!

Mrs. A. C. Finn
Roanoke, Virginia