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The Mail Box - January, 1984

Issue: January, 1984

Dear Sirs,

Please send the following names a subscription to your nice clean and most enjoyable paper.

It is so nice to get such a clean reading matter as The Mountain laurel in my mail box!

Thanks so much,

The Pritchetts
Greensboro, N.C.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed is my check for 12 issues of your paper.

I was in Hillsville on three trips this fall and picked up copies at the Restaurant on the Corner. I enjoyed them so much.

My husband and I were born and raised near there. His family were the Allens and Vasses of Fancy Gap. My mother, Eddie Vass, was from Freemont and my father of Mayberry-Laurel Fork section. He was the son of the late Isaac Webb and Eddie Marshall Webb. So reading your paper is like a visit home. We lived in Stuart for 15 years also.

We are retired now, and am looking forward to this paper.

Yours truly,

I.W. Allen
Roanoke, Va.

Dear Mountain Laurel,

My husband and I were out east to visit our children, so we came back by way of Blue Ridge Parkway. We were a week getting home. We bought one of your papers and have enjoyed it so we would like to subscribe to it. So many of the write ups so very close to us. We were both born in Missouri and moved to Kansas in 1942. My husband was raised on a farm and I in a small town. My husband helped his dad make molasses for other people. I am 62 and my husband, 67.

It was the November paper that we bought. The paper will be in a lot of homes here but it will always come back to us to keep. Our oldest girl in New Jersey will also get to read them.

We will be ready to read next paper.

Mrs. J.G. Butcher
Hutchinson, Kansas

Dear Folks of The Mountain Laurel,

I find it hard to describe on paper what your unique little paper means to me. I am not a "mountain person" but I wish I were. I love the mountains, especially the Virginia mountains, more than any place I know.

Every chance I get I visit the beautiful Blue Ridge and just wish I could stay and look and explore forever. I am subscribing to your paper and I also want a subscription sent to my friend.

Please let me know how I can obtain the back issues of The Mountain Laurel.


Mrs. S.P. Martin
Suffolk, Va.

Dear Susan,

I read your "Mountain Laurel" for the first time today. How fantastic! For years my family has explored Backroads and ogled old houses and buildings. We thought we were unique in our love of tramping around the countryside "just looking".

Our family traveled overseas several times due to my father's military career and while he always tried to ensure that we saw the points of interest abroad, my mother ensured that we saw the local points of interest when at home in Carroll County.

Together, the two of them instilled in all of us (their 6 children) a love of things old and times gone by.

Thank you,

K. Edwards
Radford, Va.

Dear Mountain Laurel,

I read the first copy of your paper today that I had ever seen. I am surprised and pleased to know such a paper exists. Read it from cover to cover without stopping. No paper today has the good human interest stories that you print.

Hope you continue for many years. Enclosed is my check for my subscription and one as a gift. Although I am a native of West Virginia, I love your state and the people I know from there. Best of luck to you.


B.M. Chapman
Beverly, West Va.

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on your interesting newspaper. A friend of mine (Mrs. Mary E. Sharpe of Hillsville, Va.) mailed me five issues (August - December) and we have enjoyed reading them so much that I am subscribing for a year for me and another subscription for my sister in Mt. Airy, N.C. as a Christmas gift.

I am a Virginia native. I was born near Fries, Va. and attended school at Woodlawn after we moved there, and then we moved to Radford, Va. before moving to Florida in 1969. Reading your paper is like a visit back home.

Lots of Luck.

Mrs. M. McCoy
Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Staff,

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying The Mountain laurel. I am so glad you all are doing this beautiful work. I once lived on that mountain in the early 30's. The Parkway wasn't even there at that time. My dad grew buck wheat in a field where the Parkway is now. We had a small house, two rooms and a fireplace that I can remember Mama cooking cornbread and other things in one of those iron skillets. We had a spring house that we kept our milk and butter in. My older sister and I went to a one room school. It was called the Goodson School House. Mrs. Diamond was our teacher. We walked. I can remember my toes getting real cold walking in the snow. I wouldn't take anything for those memories.

My sister was born in March 1935 by a mid-wife. That made 4 girls. Later we moved to Mt. Airy, N.C. where we went to Mt. Airy City School. That was a great change for us.

I have been living in Williamsburg since 1947. But I love the mountains, love all of you for your work.


L. Hooker
Williamsburg, Va.

Dear Mountain Laurel,

A note to tell you how much I enjoyed the copy of The Mountain Laurel. I really appreciate a paper like this. I didn't know we had a paper out like it in our area. I wish you the best of luck with it.

I enjoy reading about the life of the people back years ago and the history of the "Mountain Life".

Thank you so much for the copy. Please accept my subscription. Am enclosing a check for $6.00, one year.

Yours truly,

Mrs. R. Robertson
Patrick Springs, Va.