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The Mail Box - April, 1983

Issue: April, 1983

These are but a few of the kind letters we have received this month following our first, mailing. We wish to thank each and every one of you who have offered us your encouragement with your letters and subscriptions. It does our hearts good to know there are so many warm hearted people out there. We will to our best to live up to your expectations. Please keep writing in, we love to hear from you.

Mountain Memories,

Fifty-three years ago in the winter of 1930, my brother Lather and I were put on the "Dick n Willie" (railroad) at Danville, Virginia. Our mother had just died and we were sent to live with our kinfolks in Floyd County where we were born. Our immediate destination was Stuart. was cold and snow covered the ground when we disembarked from the "Dick n Willie" at Stuart. It had been an adventurous journey, indeed, riding on the tooneyville-trolley of a train which swayed with every dip of the tracks. Its whistle would blow at every pig trail. For two boys (12 and 14) from the farm it was a thrill of a lifetime. Your mention of the "Dick n Willie" brought back this fond recollection.

Thank you for the memory.

H.A. Hatcher
Hillsboro Beach, Fla.

Dear Mountain Laurel Staff,

Thank you for including me in your first issue's mailing. I am delighted with it and by all means want to subscribe. I anticipate being back in Floyd County again from May until November this year. Already I am so homesick for the mountains that when the paper arrived this morning, I sat down and read every word including the ads. Best wishes for the Mountain Laurel. You are surely off to a good start.


J.D. Newman
Greensboro, N.C.

Editor Mountain Laurel

Dear Ms. Thigpen,

Enclosed find check for one year of your fine paper. Thank you for printing the paper and more thanks for sending me a copy. I was reared on Maple Swamp Creek (Rt. 600) and have a retreat on Round Meadow Creek (Loafers Inn Ranch). I plan to be there for the opening of trout fishing season and hope to have some of my country band members with me. Would like to see you and perhaps spin a few of my old yarns. John and Coy Yeatts are my first cousins. My grandfather, S.C. Scott was the postmaster at Mayberry. I have been with the Dept. of Corrections for 35 years and am Regional Manager. Patrick Co. is one of the 24 counties I serve. Thanks again for your fine effort.

Yours Truly,

G.A. Reynolds
Rustburg, Va.

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for my copy of The Mountain Laurel". I read it from beginning to end and thoroughly enjoyed it. The warmness and simplicity of each article was touching, and I hope you continue to keep it that way. I am subscribing to "The Mountain Laurel" and hope it becomes as successful with everyone as it has with me.


M.A. Watkins
McLeansville, N.C.

Dear Publisher,

The Mountain Laurel is a gem of a publication with just the right flavor. It provides valuable information to the non-resident land owner. The Good Neighbor Line is an excellent service and one, no doubt, most appreciated. Enclosed is my check for a one year subscription.


M. Ratcliffe
Charlotte, N.C.


I was reared in the Claudeville area of Patrick County and used to ride a mule up the mountain and get chestnuts when a boy. I am now 80 years young and remember a lot about old times.

E. Pike
Bassett, Va.

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for sending us The Mountain Laurel. We have had a house on Groundhog Mountain for 15 years and we love the mountains, the mountain people we have met and all the mountain folklore. Looking forward to the next edition of The Mountain Laurel.


Mrs. H. Garner

Dear Editor, The Mountain Laurel

Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity to subscribe to your wonderful paper. We were just simply thrilled with the sample copy, and will be delighted to receive each issue as it comes off the press! Check enclosed!

Thank you much!

D.O. Carberry
Vienna, Va.


I received your JOURNAL and liked it. I consider myself as one of the Old Timers, I remember the days when Chestnuts were plentiful; have hauled them to town by the sack full. I was raised in Patrick County, about one mile south of Elamsville. Married November 28,1917. Moved to Bassett, Va. October 28, 1922. I am enclosing a Copy of a Greeting we received in November. Enclosed is a check for 1 year subscription.


R.L. Wright
Bassett, Va.

Note: The copy of a greeting was a congratulation from President and Mrs. Regan on their 65th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Wright, we hope you will accept our congratulations as well.