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The Mail Box - November, 1984

Issue: November, 1984

Dear Readers,

Last month, in an article about the Bell Spur String Band, we asked if any of our readers knew the words to an old song, "Wild Hog In The Woods." The song is on the 1960 recording of the Bell Spur String Band, but as an instrumental.

Woody Dalton, of Bassett, Virginia, brought us the words to this song. He said his mother used to sing it nearly 60 years ago. He asked other people, trying to get more than the two verses he remembered, but found that no one else he asked remembered it. Here are the words Woody remembers his mother singing as she played the tune on a banjo, when he was a small boy:

Wild Hog In The Woods

There's a wild hog in the woods,
Didilo down, oh didilo day.
There's a wild hog in these woods
Didilo down, oh day.

There's a wild hog in these woods
That kills men and sucks their blood.
Oh Kim or Carmy, cut him down
Oh kill him if you can.

I followed that wild hog to his den.
Didilo down, oh didilo day.
I followed that wild hog to his den.
Didilo down, oh day.

I followed that wild hog to his den
There lay the bones of a dozen men.
Oh Kim or Carmy, cut him down
Oh kill him if you can.

Dear Sirs:

A guest speaker at a recent Folklore class at James Madison University had a copy of The Mountain Laurel.

I would like to subscribe. Please send me recent copies and cost of subscription.


Mrs. W.H. Scott
Penn Laird, Va.

Dear Mountain Laurel,

I look forward each month to receiving The Mountain Laurel. The different articles never fail to bring back some memory of my childhood days. I grew up in the Mountain View section of Meadows of Dan, [Virginia] so I especially enjoyed the feature article in the September issue on the Mountain View Mission School, since my first five years of grade school were spent there. I had almost forgotten what the school building looked like, so the picture also brought back some fond memories. My father and mother still live there, so they are also subscribers and are enjoying it very much. I look forward to the next issue. You're doing a great job. Enclosed find a two year renewal of my subscription.

L. Cockram
Martinsville, Va.

Dear Sir:

Please find enclosed check for subscription to the Mountain Laurel for a gift to my son in California.

I've been getting your paper since back in early spring. My son that lives in Hyattsville, Maryland mailed me a copy and I liked it so well I sent right off for it. I really enjoy it and read it from the front page to the back page and also share it with friends.


N. Hubbard
Wise, Va.

Dear Mt. Laurel,

In the spring I selected The Mountain Laurel out of the magazine section of our new Red Food Store and just by the name, I thought this will be good reading. I've read it and every month since, through completely without laying it down. Then I pass it on to others. It brings back many memories and I'd love the Backroads Tour if ever I'm in that part of your beautiful and interesting state. I've seen some of Virginia and my ancestors, the Feezells, Feezel, Feazel, were in Virginia in late 1700's and early 1800's, Guins also.

I want to subscribe and also subscribe for my niece. We are 70-80 year old girls and looking forward to The Mountain Laurel and our Smokey Mountain snows in the good old wintertime.


E.F. Bright
Maryville, Tenn.

Dear Editor:

"The Mountain Laurel" is just great. I may be a flat-lander, but I love the articles about people. One of the girls in our office came in with a copy [The Mountain Laurel] and I borrowed her copy. After reading it one time, I sent in my subscription and I have renewed it one time since, I believe.

I'm looking forward to more of Elizabeth's Journal. In 1978, at the age of 46, I began my journal and since that time, I have written in it every day. Maybe Elizabeth's Journal will encourage young people to keep a journal. I wish I had began mine many years ago.

I love to do and call the old time square dances. Maybe you could do an article on square dancing some time. Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

G.F. Dillon
High Point, N.C.

Dear Susan,

Just finished reading the September Mountain Laurel - sheer enjoyment! We must comment on the article regarding advertising in The Mountain Laurel. Duncan and I have found that Orchard Gap Deli cannot afford not to advertise with you, because of the results we have gotten.

It was either in the second or third edition of The Mountain Laurel we started our advertising campaign; so, we have been with you from the beginning. Because of finances and our own inexperience, we started small. However, the rewards have been big and continue to be so.

There have been many occasions when people have come into the Deli and, turning neither left nor right, have ordered a "hoagie" or a "cheese steak", etc. When we started talking with them, they told us they saw our ad in The Mountain Laurel!

Also, over the course of months, we have had more people tell us that as a result of reading The Mountain Laurel and talking with others about it, they are amazed to find not only our delicatessen, but also other businesses in the area.

Many days have found people coming in with a copy of The Mountain Laurel in hand, asking directions to real estate property listed, craft shops, etc. In fact, just general areas shown in your journal.

Duncan and I will continue to keep The Mountain Laurel as our primary source of advertisement. We both thank you and your staff, per se, for all of your help. To this end, Susan, please put on your thinking cap. In the November and December issues, we would like to put emphasis on our party trays, catering holiday and other parties as well as providing foodstuff, supplies, etc., that are a little different than one would expect to find in the mountains. This week we are adding the "soft" pretzel and in future weeks, we will be offering additional fare for our customer's enjoyment.

Thank you again for your help.


Duncan & Roseanne MacKinzie
Orchard Gap Deli

Dear Editors;

Enclosed please find my remittance to continue my subscription for 2 years. Of all the publications I receive, none is more thoroughly enjoyed than yours. The old adage has never been more true; Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

D.E. Foresman
Houston, Texas

Dear Mountain Laurel,

While riding through your area the second Sunday in September, we stopped at a little place on the road which had "The Mountain Laurel". We purchased one and I've never enjoyed a little newspaper any more. I'm elderly now and it brought back so many memories for me. Though I've lived in central North Carolina all my life, I love the mountains. I do hope you have many more years of success with your interesting paper.

G. Staunton
Burlington, N.C.

P.S. I shall pass this on to a friend. I love it.