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The Mail Box - March, 1985

Issue: March, 1985

Dear Editor,

Enclosed is a money order for a subscription to your wonderful magazine for my mother-in-law. It is a renewal. I gave her one last year for her birthday. She enjoys it so much. She is from Ashe County, North Carolina. Her maiden name was Worley and she married a Worley from Mountain City, Tennessee. She loves to go back and visit her homeplace in Todd, N.C. Her mother used to fix chocolate gravy and I have fixed it from a recipe my mother-in-law uses. You have probably never heard of it, but the children have always loved it.

D. Worley
Lexington, N.C.

Dear Mrs. Worley,

No, I haven't ever heard of chocolate gravy, but I would love to have the recipe and try it. If you send it in, I'll print it and share it with our readers.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Mountain Laurel Editors,

My husband said for me to order your paper again this next year for my dear friend of over 30 years in Ohio and for myself for New Year's gifts.

She enjoys it so much and passes it on to others in the retirement building where she lives in Canton, Ohio.

I think it is a wonderful paper for the stories remind me of my childhood days growing up in Floyd County. Caleb and Henry remind me of a story my father told of his uncle and himself. Once they walked from Alum Ridge, Va. to Woolwine for Christmas White Lightning! His uncle had a stone 5 gallon jug full and on the way home, he had it on his back and stepped on a stone crossing a creek and slipped and fell and broke the jug and it all poured into the creek. My father said my uncle just sat down and cried, for money was so hard to get in those days.

That happened 70 years ago when folks had to walk everywhere. I guess that spoiled that holiday season for those two.

Mrs. Avis Holstein
Willis, VA.

Hello you nice people,

Just a note to say we read every word in The Mountain Laurel each month. I am originally from Roanoke. My wife is from the Callaway section of Franklin County, so just about everything you publish, we have lived it.

We get back there once in a great while. Will write you a letter some day to tell you about our life there. We have lived here for 60 years. We are 83 and 80 years young. Still going strong but not so fast. Will write you later. We love you.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Chewning
Kimball, West Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,

I appreciate reading an old time mountain publication. I am an engineering student and your paper provides a welcome break from all of the textbooks. Thank you for all of the enjoyable reading.


B. Vaughan
Bluefield, West Virginia

Dear Mt. Laurel,

After reading your article, "The Unlikeliest Revenuer", I remembered an incident back during the teens...

A Mr. Faddis was Revenue Officer in Carroll County. My uncle Ellis Worrell was a deputy. They found a still over in the Fancy Gap Mountain and they waited all night (hid around the still) for the owner to come. Early in the morning they heard the owner coming. He walked up, took off his hat, made a bow and said, "Good morning, Mr. Faddis."

My uncle thought Mr. Faddis had come out from hiding so he came out. The man took one look, then he disappeared into the distance.

Later they learned he had named his still Mr. Faddis and was speaking to the still!

Norma W. Pruitt
Hillsville, VA.


I've enclosed my ck. for 2 more years. I love The Mountain Laurel.

I was born near Danville, which isn't mountains, but I've lived near mountains and have relatives & friends still there. The paper tends to make me home sick & I think that's what my niece had in mind when she subscribed for me the first time. I'll get back to Old Virginia some day.

In the meantime, keep those memories coming.

Mrs. G. Stafford
Evansdale, Iowa

Dear Sirs,

While visiting my mother-in-law last summer in Lewisburg, WV, I ran across one of your papers and I really enjoyed reading it. I'm 58 years old and was born and raised here in Maryland, but my mother and father was from Sparta, N.C. and of course, I still have some relatives there. Also I go down about once a year to visit and always enjoy it. I love the mountains and the slow pace there. It seems the people always have time to talk and entertain you when you do get a chance to visit.

Keep up the good work. We think it's great.

W. Crouse
Bel-Air, Maryland

Dear Mt. Laurel,

Please send me your interesting paper. I read three copies while we were vacationing in Stuart, Va. with Anna Sue Hawks.

Could you please send us a back copy of July, 1984 with Floyd Hawks' picture on it? This happens to be a relative of a friend of mine in Pennsylvania.

S. Watson
Nanty Glo, PA.

Dear Sirs,

I bought a Mountain Laurel at the news stand. I enjoyed it and want to keep reading it for a long time. I'm enclosing a check for a two year subscription.

H.M. Barnes
Kannapolis, N.C.

Dear Mt. Laurel,

Please send me your special collections of BACKROADS TOURS. I am a transplanted Virginian that expects to make an extended visit there in the spring. I enjoy The Mountain Laurel very much.

M.L. Wingeart
Deming, New Mexico

Dear Friends,

We certainly feel we are friends of all you fine people. We love our Mountain Laurel and read every copy thoroughly and can hardly wait for the next. Please send us a copy of the special "Backroad Tours".

Mrs. M. Zachary
Lafayette, Indiana

Dear Editor,

I look forward each month for The Mountain Laurel to get here. It's just like sitting down to a good meal. It satisfies your soul. I enjoy it so much. It holds so many memories for me.

Mrs. R.D. Richardson
Martinsville, VA.