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The Mail Box - April, 1985

Issue: April, 1985

Dear Madam,

Thank you for so much enjoyment. The first story in the February issue about the pig was great. I had a real laugh. Please start my friend's subscription with the February issue.


C.W. Snyder
West End, North Carolina

Dear Mountain Laurel,

Enclosing my check for another year subscription to your wonderful paper. Hope you don't try to improve this paper. It don't need it. We like it as is.

Mrs. R. Funk
White Marsh, Maryland


Here is our $6.00 for another wonderful year of the "Laurel." I can't explain the way I feel each time I read cover to cover, an issue. I feel a strange pull to come to your area even though my "roots" are in Mingo County, West Va. I am coming down soon.


N. Flood
Dillwyn, VA

Dear Susan, Robert, Charlotte and Lane,

After reading your November issue, I drafted a letter to you on the back of an envelope. I just found it in my "do this someday" pile!

I thoroughly enjoyed your Thanksgiving message and am glad for your decision. I've enjoyed The Mountain Laurel since I discovered my first copy in the Summer of '83.

Do you still have any copies of your "Special Backroads Collection" March '83-Sept. '84? I would like 2 copies - 1 for myself and 1 for some friends who are going to visit that area this summer. They would love your "guided tours."

Enclosed is my check for $5.50 in the hope that you saved 2 copies for me!

Best Regards,

J.C. Campbell
Fullerton, California

P.S. "Keep following your dreams."

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed reading your Mountain Laurel for the past year. Your stories and interesting events bring back memories of my early childhood. Looking forward to the next issue, I am sincerely,

L.B. Smith
Ferrum, VA

Dear Editor,

My brother, Eugene Cassell of Hillsville, VA. sent me a subscription for Christmas and I just love it.

I have always loved that part of the country as I used to spend part of the summers there when I was a child. My grandfather, Emanuel "Man" Bowman lived just down the road from Keno Store. His son Luther Bowman, my father moved to Kentucky in 1923.

I have recognized several names in the Laurel of people I've heard my father speak of.

Enclosed is a check for a subscription for my brother in Memphis, Tenn. Like me, he loves Virginia and the old time ways.

Thank you for a wonderful paper.


M.B. Walker
Campbellsville. Kentucky

Dear Publisher,

I am anxious to have a copy of Collection No. 1 of the Backroad Tours. Am enclosing a check for it

I am so glad l found out about The Mountain Laurel and started my subscription. Just "my sort of reading" - and so hard to find.


Mrs. E.J. Wirt
Acworth, Georgia

Dear Sirs,

I really love your stories of real people in The Mountain Laurel papers. They are written just the way I like to read them. The words are spelled just the way they are said. Don't ever change!

Truly Yours,

H. Lopshansky
Poland, Ohio

Dear Mountain Laurel,

Enclosed is a check for a subscription and a collection of Backroad Tours. I picked up the February issue of The Mountain Laurel yesterday for the first time. We are new to the area, but already in love with the Blue Ridge, the people, the small communities, etc. We're looking forward to spring and many "backroads" visits. You have a lovely paper!


Mrs. F. Sickling
Statesville, North Carolina

Dear Editor,

I've enjoyed your paper so much I'm getting it for my sister, and I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Although I'm late, I'd like you to send her the February [issue] with the story about Richard Bond. It will interest her as it did me as we were born and raised in the Dublin, Va. section of Pulaski County and had family working at the Powder Plant in Radford. I would appreciate it very much. I enjoy the genealogy section and the recipes also

Thank you,

Mrs. E. H. Maner
Norwood, North Carolina

Dear Editor,

Enclosed is my check for a subscription for my sister for Valentines Day. We both grew up in Floyd County in the '30's and I know she will enjoy this interesting newspaper as much as I do. So many of the articles are reminiscent of times we knew as children.

My sister in Maryland finds your newspaper on the news stands in Linthicorn, so your newspaper has far reaching effects on many people in far reaching areas.

If you have a February copy on hand, please send this one to her as it's especially memorable. I also share my copy with a sister who lives in this area. She loves it.

Thank you,

M.R. Cruse
Christiansburg, VA

Dear Sir:

A few weeks ago I sent you my renewal and asked that a copy be sent to my cousin in Dillon, S.C.

I received a letter from her yesterday. She is so excited about The Mountain Laurel I would love, to subscribe to it for her also.

H.B. Farriss
Hillsville, VA

Dear Friends,

I hope I am not too late for the Feb. edition of The Mountain Laurel. It is the greatest. I enjoy every one. I will soon be 81, better laugh than cry. I was raised as many were and I am glad. I have been alone for 14 years and take care of myself, 30 chickens and a little dog.

Will you please send the paper to my son-in-law for a belated Valentine. I know he will enjoy it as I have,

I thank you,

E. Bischoff
Buckhannon, WV