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The Mail Box - July, 1985

Issue: July, 1985

Dear Sir,

Found your paper in a drug store. Boy was that our lucky day. We came from the mountains.

We live in Hickory [NC], but all seven of my children were born in Andrews, N.C., about 100 miles the other side of Asheville.

We love your paper so [much] that we bought two copies of it. My daughter is going to subscribe for it for her daddy's birthday. He will be 80 years old.

I would like to buy all the back copies you will sell me. We love this paper. Thank you very much and may God bless all of you for making so many people happy.

Mr. and Mrs. G.D. West
Hickory, N.C.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. West,

We are glad you enjoy The Mountain Laurel, but we are sorry that we do not have enough back issues to sell.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Sir:

I very seldom write a letter, but I decided to write you a note to let you know how much I enjoy reading The Mountain Laurel. I have been watching for something about my kin people that lived in Patrick County [Virginia]. My mother's people were Staples. My Grandfather was Archie Staples.

But the surprise that I got was when my boss came in to work, had The Mountain Laurel in his hand and said, "Look at this, Bob." The June issue, 1985.

My name is Bob Sizemore
Martinsville, VA

Dear Readers,

In our June, 1985 issue, we printed an article about a man from Carroll County, Bob Sizemore 1879-1939.

Dear Ms. Thigpen,

I would like to renew my mother's subscription to The Mountain Laurel for another year. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your newspaper. It brings back childhood memories to older readers and informs the younger ones of how things really were way back when. It's interesting, entertaining and I wouldn't want to miss a single issue. Keep up the good work!


Mrs. J.A. Mize
Stuart, VA

Dear Editor,

Last fall I went to Floyd Co. to visit my second cousin, Minnie Ruth Belcher. She had saved me a copy of the June [1984] issue of The Mountain Laurel. I was so pleased with the article she had written about (her grandfather) my uncle Newton Hylton.

My father, Zebrem Posey Hylton (called Zebe) was his youngest brother. He also moved to Glace, W. VA. by horse and wagon to work with his brother. After working different places, he settled in Botetourt County, Va., where I was raised. In 1938, when I was 19 years old, Dad took me on my first trip to Floyd Co. to visit our folks. At that time the [Blue Ridge] Parkway was an unfinished graveled road all the way from route 8 to Mabry Mill. Cousin Albert Hylton went with us all over that area to visit relatives and friends. I often think how I enjoyed meeting Albert's family and staying with them. The next day we bought a yoke of oxen from Albert. Times have changed since then. You have to go the Backroads to see what is left of the pioneers.

I thank you for the hours of enjoyment I have received from reading your paper. Keep up the good work.


W.J. Hylton
Silver Springs, Maryland

Dear Readers,

Mountain Laurel people must be the most honest, thoughtful people in the world if the ones who write to us are any indication.

You'll see what I mean in the letter below. Thank you all for writing. You reaffirm our belief that there are still lots of wonderful people in the world today, people still living by old fashion values.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Sirs:

I received the May issue of The Mountain Laurel and also a copy of the April issue which I appreciate very much. The first April issue arrived the day after I mailed my letter to you about not having received that issue. I meant to write you to let you know it arrived but went out of town for a few days and assumed you would know the letter and paper crossed in the mail.

I am returning the second copy of the April issue as I know you have requests for back issues.

Again thank you for sending the second copy.


Mrs. G.W. Norfleet
Lynchburg, VA

Dear Susan,

I have recently had the pleasure of buying a copy of The Mountain Laurel at a restaurant in Galax, Va. while on a driving tour of the Parkway. I can honestly say I have never read a periodical from cover to cover - and enjoyed every word of it as I did the Laurel; and this includes the Chicago Daily papers that I receive everyday.

Please find a check enclosed for a 3 year subscription and a copy of the Backroads Tours. I have June copy so please commence my subscription with July.

Thank you for providing something as refreshing as the lovely mountains you live in.

T. Rehbein
Chicago, Illinois