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The Mail Box - September, 1985

Issue: September, 1985

Dear Susan:

I would like to renew my parents' and my subscription to The Mountain Laurel.

I have especially enjoyed reading Elizabeth's Journal. It's such a shame most of the young people today are not interested in such descriptive writing of a young girl more than a century ago. The Cooley's have contributed a great deal to all your readers by letting us share in their history.

We enjoy your articles on crafts and "old-timey" recipes. I would enjoy seeing more stories from some of our senior citizens on their childhood and growing up in the mountains.

Thank you all so much for a thoroughly enjoyable magazine.


N. Reynolds
Winston Salem, NC

Dear Editor:

Would you please send me your special 32 page collection of the Backroads Tours. I have enclosed $2.75.

My husband and I try to get away once a month, just to take your tour. We have very busy careers, and really enjoy our mountain tours and getting away. You help to show us a very special way of enjoying nature.

Thank you,

S.W. Hardy
Clemmons, NC

Dear Mountain Laurel:

Just received my first issue (July, 1985). Your paper is excellent. I read every word and am looking forward to next month's. I live near the ocean, but the mountains have my heart. It was like receiving a bundle of love letters from that special someone.


G. Hardison
Wilmington, NC