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The Mail Box – January, 1986

Issue: January, 1986

Dear Sir:
The other day we were in Hutchinson, Kansas shopping and buying some magazines when this lady came over and started visiting with us about your paper. Asked us for our address and 2 days later we received in the mail an order blank for us to subscribe to it. They really enjoy it and knew we would too. We really did appreciate them for getting us acquainted with you and them. Her name is Mrs. J.G. Butcher. They are really great people. We want to thank them for being so thoughtful of other people.

Thanks again Mrs. Butcher,

Mrs. Don Helsel
Pratt, Kansas

(Our thanks too, Mrs. Butcher. ...The Mountain Laurel)

Dear Sirs,
A friend of mine gave me a copy of "Mountain Laurel" last summer and as soon as I started reading it I saw it was right up my alley and subscribed for 3 years. And as I am an old codger of 83 years and have spent my entire life in the foothills of the Alleghenies, I want to give my 13 children a year's subscription as a Christmas gift.

Enclosed find a check to cover the cost of subscriptions per your reduced offer.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

L.H. Yankey
Criders, VA

Mountain Laurel,
Please send a subscription to my nephew.

Thank you for the most enjoyable reading of our times. My family of four truly enjoys and waits for the arrival of this wonderful paper each month. My subscription runs through '88, if God is willing you may look for my renewal.

F.E. Sweitzer
Penhook, VA

What a delightful little publication! I happened upon a copy of The Mountain Laurel in the grocery store (actually my 7th grade son found it and has thoroughly enjoyed the stories found within) and I am now sending two subscriptions as Christmas gifts!

M. Riggins
Arden, N.C.

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Thank you for such an enjoyable paper. My son-in-law said all he wanted for Christmas was a subscription to The Mountain Laurel. Sometimes he doesn't get one. The stand is almost always empty at our local Ingles store and I don't know where else to look for them. I like to read them too. Some of the stories remind me of my childhood days in Pack Hollow or "Holler." Oh, the memories. So keep up the good work and please send Dennis his Mountain Laurel for Christmas.

I'm wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and much happiness in the New Year.

S. Gouge
Marion, NC

Dear Readers,
We'd like to say thank you to all who sent Christmas gifts to friends and loved ones. And, to all those new readers receiving these gifts, we hope you enjoy every issue.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

[Dear Mountain Laurel,]
Very best wishes for joyous holidays and the New Year. Each issue of your delightful paper takes me to a world I wish I had known.

E. McGurk
Red Hook, New York

Dear Editor,
I really have enjoyed your publication, but I would love to see more articles on West Virginia.

Both recipients of my gifts are former educators and are perfectly divine storytellers. Each man is past 70 and he served as a wise leader in the community. Mr. Houch, my father, is one of 14 children of a poor, but loving family. He is a retired assistant superintendant of county schools and spent his life growing up in the "hollows" of Wyoming County. Mr. Baily, my uncle, was a supt. of schools and a land owner and developer. His family had much political clout during the Democratic party rule and he served as a party leader.

Not only are the men filled with mountain character, but the women are also. Alex Hailey cannot write a true account of Appalachia unless he researches these mountains of southwestern West Virginia!

The reason I'm giving you this information is if you decide to expand your area, they would be perfect contact people (plus they're lovely humans).

Thank you for giving to our area what Wiggington and "Foxfire" has given to North Georgia.


Jeanie Edwards
Rex, Georgia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
What a pleasant surprise to find such an interesting publication. I was given a copy by a member of my family when I was visiting the Blue Ridge last week. I was born and raised in Bassett and since moving to the "city" I have lost touch with the where's and how-to's of good country living. The memories you recalled for me in this one issue are phenomenal! Thank you.

A Country Friend,

M.C. Mason
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Dear Publisher,
I recently purchased a copy of your Mt. Laurel at a craft shop near Laurel Springs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enclosed find checks for my three year subscription and a Backroad Tours.

The Backroad Tours was a marvelous idea. How else can anyone see the real sights of the mountains? I'm looking forward to the tours very much. We acquired a small farm near Laurel Springs and have spent about 1 year repairing and so forth. Now I'm ready to see all the points of interest, visit craft shops, historical places, etc.

We are looking forward to receiving the Mt. Laurel.

Thank you so much.

J.C. Staley
Burlington, N.C.

I was at Glendale Springs, NC. and purchased my first Mountain Laurel magazine. Oh how my husband and I enjoyed every page. I am sending for a year's subscription and would like to know how many I have missed and how I could get the back issues? Don't think I've ever read a book or magazine I enjoyed as much as I did The Mt. Laurel.

Also come over into Sparta and do stories on these wonderful folks. We sure have some that could make reading their history very interesting.

Mrs. J.M. Staley
Sparta, N.C.

Dear Bob and Susan,
We read your article in the Greensboro paper Oct. 27, 1985. It was very impressive and interesting. I lived at Meadows of Dan until I was five years old. I'm glad that someone is trying to capture some of the past before it is too late.

Some of our friends have received their first copy this past week. They said it was about Christmas of the past. Please send us that copy also.

Looking forward to our first issue.

Thank you.

J.D. Shumate
Eden, N.C.