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The Mail Box - April, 1986

Issue: April, 1986

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I'm enclosing my renewal and a gift subscription for my sister.

I haven't received my February issue [letter dated Feb. 4] but hope to get it this week. The article by Frances T. Craig, "Summer At Piney Ridge" was the best I've ever read. Could we talk her into writing some more? I've been enjoying your paper for more than a year and look forward to each issue. Keep up the good work.

R. Vernon
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

[Dear Mountain Laurel,]
Please send the attached gift subscription . I know they will enjoy your wonderful magazine (paper) as much as my husband and I do. We wish to share something so wonderful with people closest to us.

M. & S. Ridings
Clemmons, N.C.

We will be moving the first of April and I need to give you my new address. [Old and new addresses were enclosed.]

I love your magazine and could not remove the label without it tearing. I look forward each month for The Mountain Laurel.

Love the tours of Mountain Backroads. The Blue Ridge Parkway is our favorite place to vacation. Our family loves Cades Cove and Mabry Mill.

One of our first vacations was to Meadows of Dan [Virginia] 23 years ago.

We are originally from Grove City, PA, been in Oklahoma City for 16 years. My husband was transferred to Henderson, NC in August.

Now we are in the area we dearly love and your magazine is so interesting...Can't wait to get on those Backroads this summer!

E.M. Matthews
Oxford, North Carolina

Dear Sirs,
Kindly send me the special Backroads Collection # 1. Also the back issue of The Mountain Laurel for September 1985.

We first bought your paper when we were camping at Daddy Rabbits Campground and after reading it was so impressed and enjoyed it so much, we took out a subscription for it.

Keep up the good work.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Martin
Toms River, New Jersey

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I received your complimentary copy this afternoon (my cousin's little girl sent for it for me) and I am enclosing a check for a 2 year subscription.

All of my kinfolks came from Snow Creek in the southeast part of Franklin County. Now most all of them live in Franklin, Henry and Pittsylvania Counties. Your paper was almost like a visit back there. I am hoping to get down to see some of them this summer if I can get the time.

Several of your articles brought back some mighty fine memories.


A.J. Pinkard
Philipsburg, PA.

Dear Mountain Laurel,
"Thank you" for a wonderful little paper. We look forward each month for our copy. We enjoy all the articles because they are written about "real people" and "real places".

We would have liked to have kept each paper for a collection, for future posterity, but they were so enjoyable, we passed our copies on to other members of our family to enjoy who have moved to far away places.

Enclosed is a check to renew our subscription and to subscribe for a sister in Texas. She says that, "reading The Mountain Laurel is like a visit home."


Mrs, A.W. Clement
Ararat, VA

Dear Sirs,
Just got a magazine from a friend - The Mountain Laurel and had never heard of it before. I enjoyed it so much I want to give a year's subscription to a dear nephew who has just had surgery.

C. Celp
Elk Creek, VA.

Dear Editor,
Glen Williams and his big white steer really got my attention in the December issue. Jess, the steer, and Mr. Williams' military battle experience are a special example of the ways of mountain people and their patriotic actions. Thank you for sharing some of the mountain man's world with us.

The last time I saw a steer under yoke in this country was in the late 1940's, and I saw it in that part of Patrick county where Mr. Williams is from. The steer wasn't white, so I doubt if it was Jess. Keep the great mountain stories coming.

R. Rakes
McLean, Virginia

Dear Friends,
We continue to enjoy your paper so much that I'm renewing my mother's subscription and having a gift subscription sent to my sister-in-law.

Your paper should have a warning label on the front page - You cannot put it down until it is read from cover to cover.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs. J.A. Mize
Stuart, Virginia

Dear Editor,
Hope I'm not too late. I'm sure enjoying the paper. It works like a tonic. I can hardly get through it before a neighbor is reaching for it.

I am a Carroll Countian born and raised at the foot of the Blue Ridge, Cana, Va., on old Ward's Gap Road. I left there 8-16-16 [1916], West Virginia bound. I took my oldest brother with me. He lives in Pulaski. We both served in Marines in W.W. I.

I was 91 years old Jan 28th. I'm going to stop see you people first trip I'm by there. I wear glasses, hearing aid, store teeth but do not use a cane. I'll read this for you when I stop by.

Very Best Wishes,

M.J. McMillan
New Canton, VA

Dear Mr. McMillan,
We didn't have a bit of trouble reading your handwriting. We enjoyed hearing from you and will look forward to meeting you.

Susan Thigpen, Editor