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The Mail Box - May, 1986

Issue: May, 1986

Dear Mrs. Thigpen,
I am writing in response to D. Spratberry's request for information concerning Scaly Mt. Hillbilly Craft Show.

High Country Crafters, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to the production and promotion of high-quality hand crafts, sponsors several "Mountain Hillbilly Craft" shows at Scaly Mountain, North Carolina. Scaly Mt. is 7 miles north of Dillard, Georgia and 7 miles south of Highlands, North Carolina. This year's [1986] fairs will be held July 4-6, August 1-3, and October 10- 12 and 17-19.

My husband and I (and our stained glass) will be at the July fair. If Mr. Spratberry will stop by our booth and identify himself, we will give him a free suncatcher.

Hope this helps.


Janice Hudnall
Hillsville, Virginia

Howdy folks,
Enclosed is my renewal. I appreciate your efforts and dedication to the "Laurel" and the Blue Ridge folks. As a suggestion, how about a story on "Spring Tonics" or "Home Remedies"?

Thanks again,

B. Lewis
Belleville, Pennsylvania

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I have enjoyed your paper so much through a grandson who generously shares his with me. I would like it sent to me. Check enclosed.

Thank you for many happy hours of reading from a time I remember from my youth. I am now 78 years old (young) and was born in Buchanan County. My grandfather Levi drove a supply wagon for Robert E. Lee's army. I still have one silver dollar grandmother received from a pension she received - $12.00 per month as long as she lived, for this service of my grandfather. Also he received 1000 acres of mountain land when the War Between The States was over.


C. Cashion
Mallory, West Virginia

Dear Editor,
I am enclosing $8.00 for renewal of my subscription to your unique journal. Your April issue contained several articles of special interest to me. One of these was "Our Heritage Of Seeds."

We have been buying "antique" apple trees, two or three at a time, for several years from Miller Nurseries of Canandaigua, New York. Among them are the Summer Rambo, Maiden Blush, Red June, Smokehouse, and Grime's Golden. We have had to send to Waynesboro Nurseries, though, to find the Virginia Beauty - the best tasting apple of all!

It is said that a hundred seeds must be planted to get one exactly like the parent tree. Johnny Appleseed must have started many new varieties!


Mrs. E. McAlexander
Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Dear Readers,
Mrs. McAlexander also said in her letter that she has two extra copies of the Miller 1986 catalogs which anyone interested could have. I got in touch with her and am printing the addresses of both companies she mentioned in her letter below, for your convenience.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

J.E. Miller Nurseries
5060 West Lake Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424

Waynerboro Nurseries
P.O. Box 987
Waynesboro, VA 22980

Both companies said that their catalogs will be sent free of charge.

Due to the lack of funding, our department is dependent on donations for any magazines that we can receive this year. Due to the increasing requests that we have been receiving from the inmates for your magazine, our office has been asked to request a donation from your company.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Mrs. J. Hansen, Librarian
Omaha Correctional Center
Omaha, Nebraska

[Dear Editor;]
I would appreciate any information on the history of Saint Pauls Methodist Church in the community of Check, (Floyd County) Virginia, including photographs, if possible.

William T. Walls
303 York Leigh Lane
Jamestown, NC 27282

Dear Susan,
I received your copy of The Mountain Laurel. It brought back memories of my two trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway last fall. One was a personal trip to Williamsburg on which I was on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Boone, NC to Mabry Mill. The other was the Virginia Travel Council Fam Tour for AAA Travel Counselors which went from Natural Bridge to Galax area. What a treat to spend a beautiful leisurely drive twice during the anniversary year of the Blue Ridge Parkway and to be able to tell my AAA members first hand the delightful vistas, superb crafts and pleasant folk they will meet on this scenic trail. We carry brochures on the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as information on specific sites.

Have a busy and prosperous summer.

Linda Romer, Manager
Southwest Motor Club (AAA)
Longview, Texas

Love your paper! Best history and antidotes we've found. This is my third year and I don't want to miss an issue. Have given 4 or 5 gift subscriptions and they all love it. Enclosed my renewal for 2 years and a gift order. The recipes are great! I'm a collector of recipes and I especially enjoy trying the old ones found in your paper.

Thanks and keep them coming.

Best Wishes,

M. Gregory
Dry Fork, Virginia

I like the stories in your paper so much. The Mining Town Story brings back so many memories.

You are doing a great job. I read The Mountain Laurel from front to back. Such a pick up for a Senior Citizen.

Enclosed subscription renewal. Keep up the good work.

M.A. McNeish
Shady Spring, West Virginia