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The Mail Box - June, 1986

Issue: June, 1986

Dear Editor,
Enclosed is a check for which please send a subscription to The Mountain Laurel to my sister in Cleveland, Ohio because her husband transferred there, but her heart is still in North Carolina and our beautiful mountains.

Thanks to all of you on The Mountain Laurel staff for giving so much reading pleasure to so many people.

I always read every word you print and have enjoyed many of your suggested Backroads trips.


Mrs. R.J. Knott
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dear Editor,
I am attaching a check to renew my subscription for three years. I have also attached a check for BACKROADS.

My husband and I spent several weeks in your area last summer. I need not tell you, but we left our hearts behind when we returned home. While there, we purchased a copy of The Mountain Laurel and have just gobbled every issue since then. Your paper captures beautifully the spirit and flavor of your area. We find it totally captivating.

We are looking forward to returning soon and hope that we can make several of the Backroads tours then.


A.L. Richard
Plaquemine, Louisiana

Dear Mrs. Thigpen,
Enclosed is my check for another 12 month subscription. I enjoy your paper so much and so does my husband.

Many of the stories relate to the hard way I came up. Hard times and hard work. I lost my parents at the age of 12 and 14 years. I had to stop school in the 7th grade and care for two brothers and a sister younger than I, also my aged grandfather.

I was born 1915, will celebrate my 71st birthday the 23rd. of this month. Growing up in the depression years wasn't at all easy.

God bless each of you that have a part in making The Mt. Laurel so interesting.


Mrs. B. Speck
Penhook, Virginia