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Letter to Dan W. Brown 5/16/2005

Online: May, 2005

May 16, 2005

Daniel W. Brown, Superintendent
Blue Ridge Parkway
199 Hemphill Knob Road
Asheville, NC 28801-3417

Dear Sir:

On June 12, 2001, I sent you a letter regarding the slave graves at Meadows of Dan, Virginia, from which the headstones were removed during Blue Ridge Parkway construction.

I received your letter dated January 17, 2002, in which you stated that the NPS Southeast Archeological Center would be asked to assist in documenting the gravesites. I realize the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, but it has been over three years and I would like to know what your efforts have accomplished thus far.

Many of the older local people who could provide the information you said you would need to document the gravesites are either very old or already passed away. The clock is ticking fast and action is needed very soon.

I was in Meadows of Dan a few months ago and not only are the graves not being mowed and maintained, but vehicles have been driving over the graves so much there are now ruts starting to develop over the graves. Please do something to put a stop to this. You can view photos of the traffic damage at

Please let me know the status of your efforts as soon as possible.

Bob Heafner
[Address omitted]

Enc: Letter to Dan Brown dated June 12, 2001
Letter from Dan Brown dated January 17, 2002