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Recipes for What Ails You

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1990

Issue: September, 1990

This month's choices of recipes are not for cooking. They are for ailments that are hard to cure to this day with the help of medical science and are taken from "The Inglenook Doctor Book" printed by the Church of the Brethren. The original book was published in 1903 and was reprinted in 1975. It was a compilation of home remedies sent in by church members. The interesting and amusing paperback book is $1.25 plus postage and may be ordered from The Brethren Press, 1451 Dundee Avenue, Elgin, Illinois 60120. Ask them about the Inglenook Cook Book also.

Freckle Remover
Rub twice daily with a piece of saltpeter moistened by dipping it in water.

Hair Grower
For baldness, pound fine one-half pint of the kernels of peach seeds, put them in one pint of good cider vinegar and use as a wash.

To destroy the craving for alcoholic stimulants, eat the kernels of three peach seeds before breakfast, dinner and supper, continuing until the appetite disappears. Upon return of the craving, use the peach seeds as here directed and in time it will cease entirely.

Take a small handful of sassafras root, place in a pint bottle, fill the bottle with water and let it stand. When anyone comes in and begins scolding you, fill your mouth with this and hold it till he goes out. A cure is guaranteed.

Drop rattlesnake oil in the ear once or twice a week.

Burn a piece of paper on an old plate, then with a small wad of cotton wipe up the brown sweat on the plate and plug into the tooth. Or... Cut open a fig and lay it on the tooth that aches. Make a small muslin sack and fill it about half full of cayenne pepper. Dampen that with whiskey if you have it, if not use water, and tie it on the face over the tooth that aches.