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Valentine’s Day

By Ivalien Hylton Belcher © 1984

Issue: February, 1984

Early in the 1800’s, Valentine’s Cards were exchanged as messages of love. Soon a large business developed in cards and gifts such as candy and flowers. I think Valentines are very special. Maybe it’s because I’m a sentimental person.

When I was a child, I made all my Valentine’s from colored paper and printed verses on them. At school we always made a Valentine’s box, covered it with crepe paper with red “cut out” hearts glued on. It was very pretty. Here in the mountains, we still make Valentine Boxes. Over the years I’ve received both homemade and store bought Valentine’s from family and friends. I treasure the ones that my son, Ronald, made for me. There’s a special one from a childhood sweetheart, when we were both 14 years of age. He died very young, so this Valentine is quite a treasure for me.

All my family always send very special ones with lovely verses. There’s always that pretty box of candy along with a Valentine from a blind friend. He always seemed to know when I’m feeling low, because his Valentine’s always seem to arrive on that day. What a great way to cheer me up!

I have to go in the store and look at all the cards and read the verses. Comic Valentines originated in the United States and are popular along with the sentimental greetings. As in the past years, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day and wonder what treasures it will bring this year.

Editor’s Note… Does anyone have a photograph of the Old Mountain View School? Ivalien Belcher attended this school and has fond memories of her good times there. The school was torn down years ago but used to stand across from Conner’s View Baptist Church in the Mountain View section of Meadows of Dan, on Belcher Mountain. Ivalien is gathering information about it and would like to hear from anyone who could share information about its history. You can write to Ivalien Belcher, Rt. 1 Box 74-A, Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120.