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The Good Old Days - Photo Essay

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: September, 1983

Ivalien Belcher came by for a visit last Sunday and brought some old papers she had found. Among them were the old tax records of the 64 acres of land her family has owned for quite some time. We thought you would be interested to see how property taxes have changed in this century in Patrick County, Virginia. The reprint of her parent’s 1903 county tax assessment accompanies this article. The amount charged for their 64 acres in 1903 was the sum of $2.08! What with school taxes and others added to it, it came to the grand total of $4.48. Ivalien reports that according to her mother, last years taxes on the same 64 acre property were $119.35.

While that is quite a jump for 80 years, what are the taxes on 64 acres where you live? We feel privileged to live in an area where the cost of living is still low enough to enjoy life.

 the good old days 41903 Patrick County, Virginia tax assessment.

 the good old daysPhotograph courtesy of pet possum on pole above Ivalein Belcher. (Notice head of woman on left.)

 the good old days 2Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Ella Boyd.

 the good old days 3Pictured in the above family portrait are: (First Row) Andrew Weddle, Calvin Weddle, Samuel P. Weddle, Joel Weddle. (Second Row) Kane Weddle, Harvey Weddle (deceased at time of photograph), "France" (Frances) Weddle and Elizabeth Weddle Hylton. Photograph courtesy of Dewey Keith.