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Mountain Mothers

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Title Created Date Author
Mom May, 1983 Written by Bob Heafner
Mrs. ‘Berbee’ Burton May, 1983 Written by Lawrence R. Burton
Cora Lee Beatrice Allen Heafner March, 1984 Written by Bob Heafner
Mama's Snuff September, 1984 Written by Laverne Sutton
Mama's Not There Anymore March, 1985 Written by Rose H. Ridgway
Grandma Edith Kimble May, 1985 Written by Julia Montgomery Bowman
Grannie Dollie May, 1985 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
In Memory Of My Mother May, 1985 Written by Irene Cassade
Mama's Hands and Mine May, 1985 Written by Roxie Harris Bailey
Miss Connie May, 1985 Written by Nineveh J. Willis
My Mother and Grandmothers May, 1985 Written by Bobbie Bowman Clement
Tribute To Mountain Mothers May, 1985 Written by Ann H. Winebarger
Happy Mother's Day Ida Hylton Ridinger May, 1986 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
Mother's Day Is May 11th [1986] May, 1986 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Good Results From Hard Times May, 1987 Written by Paula A. Kerns
Mountain Mother - Eula Helms May, 1987 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
Recipe For A Mountain Mother May, 1987 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Sarah Belcher Hubbard - March 14, 1854 - July 22, 1949 May, 1988 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
My Mountain Mama October, 1989 Written by Jacqueline D. Pierce
Queen For A Day November, 1989 Written by Dora P. Maine
A June Mother May, 1990 Written by John W. Stoneberger
Ida July, 1990 Written by Shirley Taylor
A Tribute To Emma Ree Hazelwood Gilbert May, 1991 Written by Margaret Fulcher
Mother's Day May, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Ardella Conner Spangler May, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Mamie Crowder Adams - Recipe for Raising Children January, 2015 Written by Angie Gambill
Yesterday's Mountain Woman: A Legend in Her Own Time March, 2015 Written by Wayne Easter
A Tribute to My Mother - Lavada Mae Creed Golding May, 2015 Written by Eula Golding Walters
Mountain Mama May, 2015 Written by Barbara Taylor Woodall