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The Still Stays!

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1984-2012

Editor: April, 1984

GOOD NEWS SCOOP - I attended the Floyd County Historical Society meeting March 10th. They were proud to announce that they have received permission to keep the 25 gallon “turnip type” copper still found in Indian Valley last fall in Floyd County. It was declared to be approximately 125 years old and sought after as a display for several state agencies. There was one clause in the letter of permission. The Historical Society was told they could not use it for distilling alcoholic beverages! At the present time, the still is in custody of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department but will soon be on display at the Old Church Gallery in Floyd.

Alice Slusher, a teacher from Floyd Elementary School was at this meeting with three students, Amanda Howery, Mendy Howery and Lee Alice Rorrer. The students were showing the society the fruits of a recent project concerning Floyd’s local history as well as pressed wildflower specimens and photographs and old time remedies of a native herb garden planted at their school. The students are going to celebrate National History Day by writing, costuming, acting and video taping their own play about Floyd County History.

It’s really encouraging to see young people interested in their heritage and taking such an active part in preserving it.

Three of the women that I met that Saturday were Marie Williams, Eris Wade, Prentis Dulaney. Marie taught Eris in the Willis High School. Eris then became a teacher and was Prentis Dulaney’s first teacher. Today, all three are friends and members of the Floyd County Historical Society. I really enjoyed my visit to the Floyd County Historical Society’s monthly meeting and all of the nice people I met there. I was told it costs $5.00 to join. If you’re interested, the treasurers name and address is: Mrs. W.E. Spencer, P.O. Box 396, Floyd, VA 24091.