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The Laurel Foundation - April, 1987

By Bob Heafner © 1987

Issue: April, 1987

Due to the many donations received since last month, one of which was a substantial amount from a reader in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who wishes to remain anonymous, The Laurel Foundation is now over a third of the way toward reaching the goal of $30,000.00. As most of you know that is the amount needed to buy the broadcast quality video equipment necessary for Jim Waters to begin capturing on film as much as possible of our rapidly vanishing heritage.

It is the goal of the Foundation to provide the equipment necessary for Jim to begin travelling throughout the Blue Ridge filming the old folks as they tell the stories of their childhoods. Through video tape we can witness the sparkle in their eyes and the strength of character portrayed on weathered mountain faces. We can see the remains of old two room school as remembered and related by them. From an old person's memory and a few feet of tape can come a lasting link between a generation that exemplified America's spirit and generations yet unborn.

Due to the many people who have contributed thus far, The Laurel Foundation is now over the $10,500.00 mark on the way toward reaching that goal. There is still a long way to go but with so many prayers and supporters this effort will succeed. As my Mother would say, "It might not be easy but there will be a way."

With your support there will be a way.