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Dear Readers - Correction

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1991

Issue: October, 1991

As you've probably noticed, we're gradually getting our print schedule back on time. However, the only available press time we could get for the September issue was less than two weeks after the August print date. If we missed that date it would have been at least two weeks into September before we could print the September issue. So, we literally worked around the clock and made the deadline. Then, with the new issue ready to prepare for mailing, Charlotte, our circulation department, got sick. When there's only a three person staff, if one person gets sick it slows everything down. She's feeling some better now but our son Billy had to put the labels on after school in order to get it to the post office by September 14th. I've heard folks say "the hurrier I go the behinder I get" but it's really happening here!

One of the real drawbacks to working around the clock is that mistakes have a way of slipping by. It doesn't seem possible but during paste-up everything (including errors) appears fine. However, as soon as it's printed and too late to correct, typos leap off the page. One particularly embarrassing such error occurred in the September issue in the article "The Hays Family of Chatham Hill" where the rough draft was printed rather than the final edited version. We're still not sure how it happened but, aside from our personal embarrassment, we hope you were still able to enjoy the interesting story of the Hays family, who were among this region's earliest pioneers. The draft also placed the Chatham Hill Store on Route 42 instead of Route 16 where it really is.

Well, we try to get it right and we really do appreciate your patience when we don't.