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Dear Readers - July-August-September, 1992

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1992

Issue: July-August-September, 1992

I wanted to take this opportunity for an explanation of why the paper is so late, to all of our readers who have waited so patiently for their next issue of The Mountain Laurel.

As most of you know, The Mountain Laurel is put out by just three of us, and I am the one who corresponds with all the writers, chooses the stories and puts together the paper. For various reasons (from infections to surgery) my health has not been good since early spring, and I have not been able to give it my usual full attention. It seems like every time I got over one thing, here would come another. But I'm up to full steam again, and trying to catch up the late issues as quickly as possible.

You will notice that this 32 page paper has July-August-September on the date at the top of each page. This issue contains all of the stories I had planned to put in three separate issues and more. Because I combined them into one paper, all of the ads only appear once, instead of three times as they would have in three separate issues, leaving more room for more stories.

The next issue you receive will be Fall, 1992. It will contain stories for October, November and December.

We have appreciated your kind words and patience more than you will ever know. Our subscribers are indeed our "family of readers."

With sincere appreciation,

Susan M. Thigpen, Editor