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Genealogy - December, 1989

Issue: December, 1989

[Dear Editor,]
I am trying to find the family of Louisa and Thomas Quesenberry.

Louisa was born in 1846 in Floyd County, the daughter of Tobias and Isabel Goad Quesenberry. Isabel was the daughter of Aaron Goad, Sr. Tobias the son of Frederick and Mary (Molly) Phillips Quesenberry. She had these brothers: Lloyd, Newell, Alexander, Crockett, Milton and Edward.

She married Thomas Quesenberry son of George and Joannah Webb Quesenberry. They had these three children: Connie, Palmer and Emerson.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Pauline Quesenberry Seigo
124 Briscoe Cr.
Bristol, TN 37620

[Dear Editor,]
I'm interested in hearing from ancestors of John Edwards, born NC and moved to Patrick Co., VA in late 1700's and later Carroll-Grayson Co., VA.

John's will names 8 children: William, Thomas, Nancy E. Shockley, Catey E. Sexton, Jenny E. Burk, Easter Edwards, Elijah Edwards and Elisha.

I just recently found out that John's son Thomas was my great, great, great grandfather. I'd also like information on Thomas and Mary Edwards, their children's names and their ancestors. Their son Elijah was my great, great grandfather. Elijah married Irena Beamer. Their children were Calvin, Canada, MacFeldon, Hiscue, Litsha and Sarah.

Anyone related to any of the families listed or can furnish any information, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Also if anyone in Carroll Co., VA knows the exact location of the old farm of John and Mary Frost, please let me know. Also I understand that John and Mary are buried on a knoll behind farm house. I'd like to know about this.

Mary Phipps
Rt 1, Box 827
Bassett, VA 24055

Dear Mt. Laurel,
Thank you for reminding me to renew my subscription to The Mountain Laurel. I thoroughly enjoy every inch of type printed. It's also truly nostalgia at its best of early Virginia days.

I too am a Virginian, born in Danville, but most of my kin live in or near Abingdon/Bristol. The Fraleys, Ferris, Singletons and of course, the Longs, which was my grandfathers' name. I'd be very interested in corresponding with any one related to the Long clan and others as well. My mother was a Long, grandfather's name was Fletcher Long. He passed away in 1937. There is only one aunt left. She's 85 and lives in Bristol. She is a Singleton. I long to come back there and roam the Blue Ridge again. I did come back two summers ago. I need to return soon.

Thank you again for all of your efforts. I gave a copy of your paper to a teacher in Seattle and she most likely wrote to you for a subscription. Her name is Anderson and she is from Roanoke, Virginia.

Virginia Julian
6920 19th Ave., NE
Marysville, Washington 98270