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Genealogy - March, 1991

Issue: March, 1991

[Dear Editor,]
I would like information on the Hanshews of Bland, Smyth and Wythe Counties [VA]. Was Daniel born 1826? Susan Groseclose, Molly Hubble, Rhonda Rakes, Christine Williams, Jacob, Peter, Sam, Andrew, John Hanshew all the same family? Need birth dates, marriage dates, and death dates of these. Who was their parents? Will write anyone with information.

Mrs. Paul Cox
Post Office Box 451
Burkes Garden, Virginia 24608

[Dear Editor,]
Seeking information on the Jim Odom family and children as follows: James, Harry, Mildred, Bill, Cecil and Ray Odom. This family lived at Bottom Creek, West Virginia, in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Please call collect or write me.

Ray M. Janney
2824 S. Fairway Drive
Burlington, NC 272115

[Dear Editor,]
I would like to hear from anyone knowing the whereabouts of families of Will, Ennis and Iris Carpenter who lived in Hillsville, VA around 1920. Call Louise Reed, Sand Lick, WV, 1-304-589-5511.

[Dear Editor,]
My mother, Ruth Wilson, was 9 years old when her father, George W.R. Wilson was killed in a mine cave-in in 1917 in Vinton, Virginia. He was approximately 52 years old. He left a wife, Allifair, and three children: Etta, Raymond and Ruth. My mother is 82 now and remembers very little about her father and knows nothing of his people. Her mother always told her that he was from somewhere near White Gate, Virginia. She had always said, if given only one wish, that would be to meet some of his people.

Through research, I have learned that George's parents were Samuel and Rebecca (Wright) Wilson, married in Wythe Co., in 1868. They had 7 children: George, Cora (m. James D. Gray), Daniel (m. Gillie ?), Hattie (m. Samuel M. Gravely), Edward (m. Hallie M. Fletcher), Emma (m. ? Parsley) and William. One of the girls, possibly Emma, was probably married previously, as there are grandchildren named Lillie and Grover Dunford residing with them in 1900. Samuel served in the Civil War for the State of Kentucky; however, the census shows the family residing in the Mechanicsburg District of Bland County from 1880 until his death in July 1918. A list of heirs is recorded in the courthouse at Bland. There is a record where his casket was purchases from Bernard's store, but his burial site is not mentioned.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have information on this family. Please write to me.

Shirley M. Burke
2322 S. Rogers, Estate # 56
Mesa, Arizona 85202

[Dear Editor,]
Would like any information on James "Jim" Baker, born 7-5-1839, probably in Surry County, NC or his wife. He was in the Civil War and was my great-great-great-grandfather. His parents were William and Polly (Reed) Baker.

I am also seeking information on the parents of Thomas G. and Charlotte Hull, who were both born about 1827 in North Carolina. (Thomas' and Charlotte's children were: Telemachus "T.M.", Elmira, Pherlisha, Frances, Pamela, Luvinia, Julia Ann, William and Martha.)

Mrs. Nada Goad
Route 3, Box 166
Hillsville, Virginia 24343