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Genealogy - May, 1991

Issue: May, 1991

[Dear Editor,]
I am seeking information on the parents of Benjamin Thomas Sexton. They were David Jefferson Sexton and Rebecca Trythena Harmon. Thomas was born June 21, 1892 in Carroll County, Galax, VA. His first wife was Phoebe E. Adams. I am interested in this woman's tree also. She is my Uncle Thomas Jefferson Sexton's mother. His second wife was Ida Mae Ramey. They were married July 23, 1924, Grayson County, Galax, VA by E.G. Fry, minister.

Ida Mae Ramey, daughter of Joe Banner Ramey and Lena Dove Lundy, granddaughter (maternal) of James Lundy and Lucinda Brannock, granddaughter (paternal) of Joe Sephes Ramey and Elemine Walker. She was born Jan. 6, 1901 in Surry County, Low Gap, NC.

This is all I've got. I know we have Cherokee blood from Grandpa's side. Any information will be appreciated.

Deborah Helton
9774 W. Arms Drive
Crystal River, Florida 32629

Dear Susan & Friends,
First of all, I want to express how much I love The Mountain Laurel. I'm so glad that your financial troubles are starting to be resolved because I missed getting the paper.

I want to thank you for running my genealogy request. I have received several letters. Two of them turned out to be cousins of mine. One of them only lives 35 miles away. The other ones helped a great deal, although were not kin. I thank all of you with all my heart. June, if you read this, I want you to know you have become so special to me.

If anyone else has any information on the Puckett or Cox family, please contact me. They were from Laurel Fork and the surrounding areas of Virginia. Also, the Jackson family is of great interest to me. My great-great-grandparents were Cosley Hill and Mary Jane (Jackson) Puckett. Another person I'm interested in is my other great-great- grandmother, Marier Cox (they called her Granny Rier). She was never married but had eight children. They all took the last name Cox.

Thank you,

Hope Ayers
700 Biggs Highway
Rising Sun, Maryland 21911

[Dear Editor,]
I have been tracing and compiling genealogies of the Richardson families of Henry County, Va. for 20 years. I would like to hear from anyone who is interested and has information to share.

Bruce W. Locke
110 Stanley Drive
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

[Dear Editor,]
I am seeking information on the Sells Family. Last I heard, the Rev. E.O. Sells was a preacher in the Tazewell, VA area. Edward Oliver Sells married Della Sells, two sons - Harry & Paul Eugene (Snowball) and one daughter (?). Paul had two sons by Dorothy (Dot) Ruth Jalanivich, who had two sons - Johnny Edward (PeeWee) and Paul Eugene Jr.

At one time Rev. E.O. Sells was a coal miner in WV and VA. Please write if you know anything about my family. I'm (PeeWee) Johnny E. Sells, born 8-15-53.

Thanks a lot,

Johnny E. Sells 159947
PO Box 430
Dillwyn, VA 23936