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Genealogy - November, 1991

Issue: November, 1991

[Dear Editor,]
Seeking info and relatives of Woodson Hillary Bowman, born May 15, 1870, Carroll County, VA. Son of Jedida Bowman. He married Lenaris Ethel Hubbard, May 1889, died Jan. 11, 1938, The Hollow, Patrick County, VA. His daughter Ida Alice Bowman, who married Abraham Earnest Wilson is my husband's Mother. Any help on the above will be greatly appreciated.

Shirley Wilson
37215 Hillcrest Drive
Slodotna, Alsaka 99669

[Dear Editor,]
I have my GGG Grandfather, Abraham Hawks traced back to Patrick County 1791 census and apparently born in 1760, but where? He had two wives and 16 children, owned hundreds of acres land with some on Pauls & Stewarts Creeks. He received land grants in 1801. Would appreciate any information anyone has prior to 1791, preferably where he lived before Patrick County.

Romie M. Hawks
Route 9, Box 371
Statesville, North Carolina 26677

[Dear Editor,]
I would enjoy hearing from anyone who is working on the following Floyd and Franklin County, VA families: KELLY, PETERS, INGRAM, TURNER. The Rev. George W. Kegley (b. 1794), a Primitive Baptist preacher, and Sarah WEBSTER (b. 1797), were my 3rd great-grandparents. Zachariah PETERS and Keziah LIVELY, both born about 1770, were my 4th great grandparents. Elkanah T. INGRAM (b. about 1815) and Matilda A. WILLIS (b. 1824) were my 3rd great-grandparents. Their son, William L. INGRAM (b. 1844) and Sarah R. TURNER (b. 1840), were my 2nd great-grandparents. Does anyone know who Sarah's parents were? I will be happy to share information.

Paula Kelly Ward
PO Box 47131
San Antonio, Texas 78265-7131

[Dear Editor,]
Seeking information on William K. Clement. Who were his parents? He was born around 1880. My cousin has picture of him and it reads on back, "First cousin of James Franklin Martin, 1907". I wondered who his parents were and if K was for Kerr. How he got to be Uncle Frank's first cousin? That makes him my 2nd cousin. If anyone knows anything, please write. The names could be Ingram, Kerr, Martin, Handy. I would love to know. Thanks.

Mrs. Ruth M. Ferguson
2016 Spring Rd.
Mt. Airy, North Carolina 27030