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Genealogy - March, 1992

Issue: March, 1992

[Dear Editor,]
I am seeking information on the Shelton and Durber families of Marion, Virginia, especially my great grandparents Joseph Daniel Boone (Heighton) Shelton and Ruth Magdalene Durber.

They were married in Marion and later migrated to Knox County, Kentucky. He was in the Civil War from 1861 to 1863, where he died at Camp Nelson (near Lexington, Kentucky) from a lung problem, in December of 1863.

I would appreciate any information anyone can share with me.

Thank you kindly,

Ruth M. Herrin
350 Fairwood Drive
Inkster, Michigan 48141

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[Dear Editor,]
I need information of the actual location of one of my ancestors who fought in the War of 1812. He was Dudley Nichols, a Private in Captain Leftriges's, the War of 1812. He was born in 1784 in Virginia and died 1885.

Wallace Kallam
146 Kallam Road
Mount Airy, North Carolina 27030